Fourth Accuser Sues Ex-Elmo Puppeteer, Claims Sex Abuse

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  • MIAMI (AP) — Another man on Monday sued the former Elmo puppeteer who resigned amid sex abuse allegations, claiming the voice actor befriended him in Miami and promised to be a father figure before flying the teen to New York to have sex with him.

    The alleged victim is now the fourth to accuse Kevin Clash, who resigned from “Sesame Street” last month after 28 years. The three legal actions filed so far have been civil cases seeking financial compensation.

    But the incident with the latest victim, referred to only as S.M., could involve criminal charges because the lawsuit claims Clash transported him across state lines for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity.

    Attorney Jeff Herman said he encouraged his client to report the incident to authorities but it’s unclear if the now-33-year-old alleged victim has done so.

    Sexual abuse allegations against Clash triggered a media frenzy last month. He quickly denied the first claim, which was recanted the next day. But Clash then resigned after a 24-year-old college student, Cecil Singleton, sued him for $5 million, saying the actor engaged in sexual behavior with him when he was 15.

    Singleton claims the voice actor met him in New York a dozen years ago after trolling gay telephone chat lines and seeking underage boys for sex.

    In the latest case, the plaintiff said Clash approached him on Miami Beach, complimented his appearance and struck up a friendship. Clash returned home to New York, but stayed in touch with the teen, promising to be a dad to him. The youth, who was 16 or 17 at the time, had been molested by a teacher and was considering running away from home, according to the lawsuit.

    “These are all vulnerable boys. None of them had father figures in their lives and they were looking for that father figure,” said Herman, who represents three of the alleged victims.

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    3 thoughts on “Fourth Accuser Sues Ex-Elmo Puppeteer, Claims Sex Abuse

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    2. well well it has finally came out of the closet. i feel sorry for all the children that grew up watching this program, i hope that they will undertand and explaine to their children that this is just one case not all the people that are puppters are like this, but remember he has not had his day in court just yet.

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