Why You Should Be Watching Homeland

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Nothing about “Homeland” is TV formula. The first season is full of so many twists and reveals, it’s dizzying. Although some of the plotting does strain believability, the writers do a great job at conveying the tension of the relationships of the hunter and the hunted, as well as the challenging personal lives of those who work in secrecy to keep America safer. The writers flesh out the storylines on either sides making “Homeland” chock-full of satisfyingly complex characters. Lewis and Danes do exceptional work but it’s only because they can handle such meaty writing.


Regardless of what side you fall on U.S./Arab relations, there’s something in “Homeland” for you. The writers do a good job at maintaining the humanity of all parties, making a great case as to why people are often motivated by love to do the most horrific things.

Of course, “Homeland” is a show that has a decidedly pro-American slant but there is just enough exposition of the humanity that drives all the characters to make it palatable to anyone interested in world politics.

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One thought on “Why You Should Be Watching Homeland

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