Currently, Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker is participating in a food stamp challenge which was prompted after a Twitter dispute with one of his followers who argued that it was easy to survive on Food Stamps.

In response, Booker challenged the woman to a “food stamp challenge” where the two would “live” off of food stamps for a week.

Booker has used Twitter and Instagram to detail his experience thus far. In the photo above, Booker posted the photo on Instagram writing, “My #SNAPchallenge food for the week.”

On the second day of his challenge on December 5, 2012, Booker instagrammed a photo of his breakfast for the day (pictured below) writing,  “Pic of my breakfast this morning for 2nd day of #SNAPChallenge.”


In the photo, it looks like Booker is eating a salad with chick peas for breakfast. Of course, Booker is facing a lot of criticism for participating in the challenge because many believe it is a mockery of people who actually live on food stamps.

What do you think of the Booker’s Food Stamp Challenge?



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