Black Community Must Protest Stand Your Ground Law To Protect Black Youth

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“We’ve taken on more of a support role in this case because it involved a young person and we’re supporting our partners, the Dream Defenders and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC),” said Nixon. “We’re waiting to see how the case will proceed with the prosecution. We’re familiar with state attorney Angela Corey, who has worked on the Trayvon Martin case. There has been some issues in case prosecution, in particular within the Black and Hispanic communities and the disparities there. We are rallying up the troops, but we’re waiting to see how the state proceeds.”

While nothing can be done to bring back Jordan Davis, there has to be some changes applied in the state before another senseless killing like this happens once more.

Watch news coverage of Davis’ murder here:

Davis’ Senseless Murder

Whatever drove Dunn to approach Davis and his friends was certainly motivated by the hidden power he kept concealed before it was too late.

Not only was Davis and his friends defenseless against Dunn’s aggression, they were unfairly attacked over something that could have been handled in a far more amicable fashion. Dunn appears to have justified his use of excessive use of force because he felt threatened by a gun, but investigators have found no such evidence.

Dunn’s tough-guy act was severely out of line and likely motivated by racism, shattering the lives of the Davis family and friends forever. What was it worth to Dunn to silence a group of loud, but ultimately harmless, teenage boys?

The answers can’t come swiftly enough.


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