Union Calls for Teacher Certification Exam

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  • WASHINGTON (AP) — Schoolteachers should have to pass a stringent exam — much like the bar exam for lawyers — before being allowed to enter the profession, one of the nation’s largest teachers unions said Monday.

    The American Federation of Teachers called for a tough new written test to be complimented by stricter entrance requirements for teacher training programs, such as a minimum grade point average.

    “It’s time to do away with a common rite of passage into the teaching profession, whereby newly minted teachers are tossed the keys to their classrooms, expected to figure things out, and left to see if they and their students sink or swim,” said AFT President Randi Weingarten, calling that system unfair to students and teachers alike.

    The proposal, released Monday as part of a broader report on elevating the teaching profession, calls for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to take the lead in developing a new test. The nonprofit group currently administers the National Board Certification program, an advanced, voluntary teaching credential that goes beyond state standards.

    There is no single, national standard for teacher certification, although the federal government does ask states to meet certain criteria to be eligible for federal funding.

    The proposal by a major teachers union to impose tougher requirements on its own members may signal a shift in tone for a profession facing heightened scrutiny. In recent years, unions such as AFT have resisted calls to end tenure and to tie teachers’ evaluations to their students’ test scores.

    But by embracing more rigorous certification standards, the union hopes to raise the status of the teaching profession, which could reap future rewards when it comes to compensation and other benefits. In its report, AFT drew comparisons between teaching and other professions that require advanced professional training, such as medicine and law.

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    2 thoughts on “Union Calls for Teacher Certification Exam

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    2. This is a comment for teachers need a strict certification exam to become teachers; teachers do have an exam to become certified teachers-it’s called the Praxis Exam. In order to become a certified teacher, teachers must pass this exam. It is a rigorous exam! Teachers are already being held accountable for student achievement every year despite circumstances affecting effective teaching beyond their control. I have been an educator for 16 yrs and the politics and obstacles teachers have to endure is frustrating and depressing!

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