J. Anthony Brown's 'Santa's Got a Wish List'

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  • J. Anthony Brown has created a hit that will definitely get you in the mood for Christmas this year. Do not play this around the kids!

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    3 thoughts on “J. Anthony Brown's 'Santa's Got a Wish List'

    1. Hi tom J Anthony and my sweet sound heart tack sweet Sybil I love heard your voice in morning and I hoping you keep Tom and J right I know that A hard job to do but in the way you all make me crack my side laught so hard at your all and got these white people at my job hated you all they can’t stay out here in the shop cause they is rep. but look at them laught cause our President Barack Obama have won again tell Huggy Lowdown make Mitt Romny the Bama of the year next 10 poor excuse loser don’t goin home accept his lose some people still accept it some got tear last up too side ocean dry up great lake Got to go now new time with Love my God Bless you all

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