AUDIO: Jovan Belcher’s Mom, Baby Heard Screaming in 911 Call

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” Is she bleeding?” The dispatcher asked.

“Yes, she is ….”

But the rest of what’s said was obscured by the screams of the young child.

A police officer gets on the phone and tries to get information about Belcher from the distraught mother.

The mother did not answer questions about the whereabouts of her 6-foot-2, 228-pound son, a standout 25-year-old starting linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Instead, in a voice rising as the moments passed, the mother begged for an ambulance.

“Ma’am, the ambulance is on the way. What’s your son’s name? What kind of car did your son leave in? Or was he on foot?” the officer said.

There was no response.

“Sounds like she disconnected,” the dispatcher said. “I wanted to give her some bleeding advice also … Ma’am, are you there?”

But there was no response.

And all that can be heard are the screams of the baby.

(Photo Credit: EURweb)

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