Rihanna Compares Chris Brown Relationship to Bobby & Whitney

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  • Rihanna has reportedly been telling friends that her romance with Chris Brown reminds her of the relationship between Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston.

    According to HollywoodLife, a source said that Rihanna could personally identify with the Bobby/Whitney duet “Something In Common.”


    “Their relationship is like the early Whitney and Bobby day. Ri was watching Bobby and Whitney’s ‘Something In Common’ video the other day and said ‘This is just like Chris and me. For real though, that’s the type of fun we having right now. I love Whitney. She was my girl. Can’t nobody do it better than her,’” the source told HollywoodLife, adding that you can see her relationship with Chris is “real love … like ain’t no bullshi**ng. The s**t is magical and it’s real.”

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    4 thoughts on “Rihanna Compares Chris Brown Relationship to Bobby & Whitney

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