NYC Man Brings Bag of Rats to Court in Rent Dispute

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“A woman in the building next door said she could hear the rats outside screaming and screeching,” Bolanos told NBC News. “I’ve heard neighbors thinking someone got attacked outside because they would hear shrieks, but it was just people who were passing by running with the fear of God in them from all of the rats frolicking like it’s Cirque du Soleil.”

As for Severino, officers ultimately calmed the situation, but not before the master showman in him had left his audience clearly craving more. Severino anxiously shared news with enraptured onlookers that his entire repertoire could soon be featured at a venue near them under his stage moniker “Baby Ray.” Later, he also told Stoler he now shares his apartment with two other equally inconvenienced dwellers — a pair of Shih Tzus he’s named Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Even given all the recent flood destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy, the NYC rat infestation problem remains steep, easily rating as one of the nation’s most notoriously severe.

“They’re going to be like us,” Brooklyn native Bob Sullivan, author of the widely renowned novel ‘Rats,’ matter-of-factly predicted.

“Get washed out, try to come back in.”

But not if Ramon Severino can help it.

Glenn Minnis is a NYC-based sports and culture writer. Follow him on Twitter at @glennnyc.

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