JET Magazine Features First Gay Couple In Weddings Section

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“JET Magazine has an extensive legacy of covering the lives of LGBT African-Americans,” said Herndon Graddick, President of GLAAD.   “This is yet another opportunity to applaud JET Magazine for continuing to highlight the diversity of the African-American community and to urge other media outlets to recognize that it’s these stories that help grow acceptance of our community and give a voice to LGBT people of color who are too often invisible in the media.”

The already volatile conversation surrounding marriage equality intensified in Black America when — after teetering on the fence throughout his inaugural campaign and the vast majority of his first term — President Barack Obama finally acknowledged that it is archaic and unjust to deny tax-paying citizens the right to marry whomever they love.

Religious leaders such as Rev. Al Sharpton came out in full support of the POTUS, while others, like Pastor Jamal Bryant, said that they felt betrayed. Professor Michael Eric Dyson joined in the fray when he served as guest host on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” and called out religious “bigots” as “sexual rednecks.” Then, as always, there are those controversy chasers who seem to enjoy pitting the LGBT community against other purposely marginalized groups — as if there is no clear intersection regardless of race or ethnicity.

With accusations of homophobia continuously shadowing the Black community, to make this statement of solidarity by seamlessly framing marriage equality as the new normal is the classiest move that Jet could have made.

Well done.

Perry and Prince issued the following statement through GLAAD:

“We are excited and honored to have our wedding featured in the historic yet ever-current Jet magazine. Long the hallmark in publishing news, culture, and events pertaining to the black American experience, Jet’s publishing of our union is historic.”

It is, indeed, historic.

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