JET Magazine Features First Gay Couple In Weddings Section

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    To paraphrase New York City mayor, Mike Bloomberg, leaders don’t lead from behind, they make decisions which they believe are for the common good and build momentum around it to create change.

    Though he was speaking about politics, the same can be said about media and its bandwagon tendencies; and in that context, Jet Magazine, by making the editorial decision to include the first gay couple within the pages of their Weddings section, has proven to be a leader.

    The Advocate reports:

    The December 10 issue of Jet, which hit newsstands today, highlights the wedding of Ravi Perry, an assistant professor of political science at Mississippi State University, and Paris Prince, a licensed real estate broker and compliance officer for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. They were married in August at their home in Worcester, Mass.

    “The biweekly feature, which traditionally showcases straight couples, includes a short bio of the couple and explains how the couple fell in love,” GLAAD reports in a press release saluting the magazine, which is aimed at an African-American audience, for featuring the wedding of the two men. Jet featured its first lesbian wedding last year, with the union of Nyema Vernon and Tenika Jackson.

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    15 thoughts on “JET Magazine Features First Gay Couple In Weddings Section

    1. All you preaching the word of Lord, don’t seem to me that you really read/understand it…Christ is forgiving…I am not gay…It’s not my place to say what is right or wrong…I just can’t stand to hear/read all you bigots preaching God without any of his loving ways…Worry about yourself and your self serving ways when YOU meet HIM…

    2. Sin is sin. Now, we tolerate every kind of sin all day long. However, this whole gay movement is going too far. This is why people are fed up. Yes, you have free will to do you. Just stay in your lane and don’t corrupt what God made pure. If you a man, be a man. If you are a woman, be a woman. If you want to be married, marry someone of the opposite sex. God did not make a cat to bark and he did not make a dog to purr. Respect His authority. “For I am the Lord, and I change it not.”

    3. Paul said it best that none are rightoues. Now, I vehemently disagree with JET Magazine running this. I disagree with the young men who claim they are married. In God’s eyes, you are wrong!! However, God does forgives if you seek repentance. Turn from your wicked ways. As humans, we cannot judge. However, we know what is right and real Christians should not stand for this type of silliness. Now, we have all sinned and fallen short. Yet, this is just outright disrespect. JET Magazine, it has been real.

    4. I get annoyed when I see these fruit flies, but I’m thankful that I don’t glorify that lifestyle. Lord’s word has not changed.

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    6. Really? A leader? How about a follower. With all the press this community has had, JET is just jumping on the bandwagon, following the masses. You reap what you sow…

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