Revisiting Central Park

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The city of New York even recently subpoenaed the filmmakers of The Central Park Five as a way of derailing the documentary.

Not to mention the real rapist kept on attacking and murdering area women while the Central Park 5 were falsely in jail.

This case–like the Trayvon Martin case–was driven by stereotypes and says so much about us as a community. It speaks to our ultimate fears and sadly reminds us of how far we have yet to go in this country.

This could have been any one of our children they were unjustly persecuted by the system because a heinous crime had been committed against an affluent white woman within a racially polarized city, and the elected officials wanted to play politics and make examples and these five Harlem teens apparently “fit the bill.”

It’s disgusting and we need to keep focusing on this case until it is made right. Let’s push New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg to drop the subpoena against filmmaker Ken Burns and authorize the prompt settlement of this suit by calling 311 (if you’re in New York City) or call 212-NEW-YORK, that’s 212- 639-9675 (outside the city).

I’ll end with these recent words from the Huffington Post penned by freelancer Lisa Bernier:

“Go see The Central Park Five. Watch the interviews…Look into their eyes. Hear their voices. And work, by writing to the city, and by spreading their story to ensure that this city never betray five of its children ever again.”

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