VIDEO: Katt Williams Has Onstage Meltdown

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11 thoughts on “VIDEO: Katt Williams Has Onstage Meltdown

  1. there is more going on behind the scenes that most people do not know about… and not just katt williams other actors rappers and such.. so be careful who your judging because you might be judging the wrong person

  2. I see another member in the house on Celebrity Rehab, meeting with Dr. Drew. I seriously pray he gets help because he really is a funny comedian/actor.

  3. Katt Williams is a comedian and him getting high or not is no more of importance than anyone else. Katt Williams due to income has more options, access, and possibilities than many of the people on this site reading me included. This is life and Rush is saying and doing more to promote stupidity that Katt will ever do, and where is the protest against him. Who he influences makes policy that affects blacks in a negative way far more than Katt Williams. Please people don’t buy the hype.

  4. Many of us do not believe that he could work and profit from the Internet. I personally, at first I did not believe it . but when I made $76 /hr I knew it was not difficult. you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it out..

  5. This is so very disturbing – and someone needs to get him some serious intervention type help – the people with him are acting like his getting high is okay (just that this was more potent) no excuse – help this brother please

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