Find out what hot 20-something (or is it) celebrity is rocking this white bikini and hear Chris Paul's opinion on this get-up below.

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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.  

Happy belated birthday to Judge Judy. TV’s most popular judge was on Katie Couric’s talk show and she talked about celebrating her 70th birthday.  And on the show Judge Judy showed a picture of herself wearing a bikini. Excuse me for a second …(vomit sounds). So like I was saying, Happy Birthday to Judge Judy.

In London the biggest fibbers in all of England have gathered at a remote pub to compete in the annual biggest liar competition.  They’ll try their best to impress the judges with tall tales of false riches, fabricated achievements, and fairytales about their manhood being longer than a black man. And whoever wins the contest will go on to represent the United Kingdom in the liar Olympics where they’ll face U.S. Gold Medal Champion Mitt Romney.

A South African man was arrested after police caught him trying to smuggle 220 diamonds in his stomach. The brother had $2 million dollars’ worth of ice in his belly. And the police made him take laxatives to pass all the diamonds.  That’s right; they combine bling with a bowel movement. In other words, he took a blit.


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