BET Cuts Back on ‘Don’t Sleep’ Episodes

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  • BET finds that ‘Don’t Sleep’ is falling short of network expectations.

    The news commentary show hosted by T.J. Holmes premiered October 1 with over a 400,000 viewers.  The October 9th show brought in a million viewers, however the number of audience members quickly dropped to as low as 203,000.

    BET executives report that the audience is no longer keeping up with the daily content.

    “To be honest, the ratings haven’t been great in the past two weeks. Our audience always says they want this kind of programming, but they don’t show up,” said Debra Lee, BET’s CEO.

    The show, presented in a comedic news format is similar to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Show” and “The Colbert Report,” features content relating to African-American audiences.

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    3 thoughts on “BET Cuts Back on ‘Don’t Sleep’ Episodes

    1. I think they (BET) REALLY wants this show to work and be successfu, BUT I am sad to say it probably won’t. I love the show to be honest and wish it was doing better. I’m just not sure if we as a whole appreciate the content and subject matter. African Americans can do more than straight comedy late night shows. Just like Kerri Washington in Scandal and others I can’t think of now, we should support our own even its not the typical comedy role. We are more than that. Low ratings for this kinda show indicates we don’t care about serious issues and the kind of subject matter “Don’t Sleep” provides.

    2. I like the show….I wish he could do an hour BUT it needs to come on earlier, I think…We have to figure out where to put it in the line-up….We could push those 1990 Martin re-runs to a later time….

    3. I think it’s a good thing to have it once a week for an hour. I love the show too and for the first week I watched it everyday, but I also have to get up at 5am for work and it became harder and harder each week to sacrifice sleep to watch the show, so I started to record it and catch up on the weekends. It’s a GREAT POSITIVE SHOW and I love how TJ delivers THE TRUTH! Please tune in!

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