KKK Rally Disrupted by Clowns

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  • White cloaks and pointy hats weren't the only costumes represented at a recent Ku Klux Klan rally to the dismay of many not-so-amused Klansman.

    A KKK rally promoting anti-immigration was disrupted by a clown lead counter- protest this past weekend in Charlotte, N.C.

    According to reports, the KKK members were out-clowned five to one as the enthusiastic clowns stood shoulder to shoulder against the hate group.

    The Latin American Coalition organized the protest with hopes of undermining the anti-Latino and anti-immigration message.

    The coalition wanted to send the message of "you look silly" said a Latino coalition member, "we're dressed like clowns and you’re the ones that look funny."

    Many group members wore face paint and red clown noses; they extended the mockery even more by tossing "white flour" in the air and holding signs that read "wife power" to counteract the "white power" sentiment.

    No clowns were hurt during this demonstration, well unless you are considering the feelings of the KKK ralliers

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    14 thoughts on “KKK Rally Disrupted by Clowns

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    2. Ingenious! To confront the kkk in such a disarming comparison of silliness versus stupidity! Appropriate counter imagery ! But where are the pictures?

    3. the same old game was turned on to them. they did not like that at all. time has change with a president of color but some have not.

    4. Sooner or later, these fools are going to learn that America does not solely belong to them and us other non-white Americans are just as patriotic to our ownership as well.

    5. Coneheads please,stop hiding behind ,Old Glory..The victor in the civil war.After 620,000 Americans were slaughtered we’re not afraid of cowards who hide behind sheets,pretending to be spooks..

    6. I wonder if I’m reverse crazy? Will I have to ask one of these mofo’s for a job. Or maybe I shouldn’t be making any loud noises on this wedsite. The last time I’d commented on the “political” the IRS went back 2 years and found a “mistake” and ommission on my 2010 tax returns and now I owe the Federal goverment $1,500 plus acumulating interest even though H&R Block had done my taxes for me. I haven’t filed a return since. F’ it. Wesely Snipes, R-Kelly, and Lauren Hill have all succumed to the power of the blogger’s political maybe it’s just the American way? Anyway I still only make $10 an hour and pay 42% of that to deductions. Those facts still make me ineligible for public assistance or food stamps(even in an “emergency”) and I’m sure that all of my money for all of these years has gone to a good cause. I wonder if thats what these iluminated folks on the cover of this article are in N.C. marching for or is it something else? I wonder if these “mf’s” are now going to be “audited” on and if they have any reverse problems trying to find a job so that they can get laid on into their “wonder years?”
      Hey you KKK!!!!!? Stop using 29 different user names and hire these folks trying to “break into the middle class!!!”

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