Swizz Beatz Targeted for Unpaid State and Federal Taxes

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  • New York tax officials have filed a demand against Swiss Beatz, real name Kasseem Dean, seeking $98,246 in unpaid taxes from 2010.

    According to TMZ, Alicia Keys’ husband also owes $2.6 million to the Internal Revenue Service for federal tax debts.

    In 2010, Swizz Beatz was hit with a $652,727 lien for delinquent taxes stemming from 2008, but his lawyer insisted he was “negotiating an amicable resolution of the dispute.”

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    4 thoughts on “Swizz Beatz Targeted for Unpaid State and Federal Taxes

    1. I guess Alisha will be paying those tax bills. That’s probably why he married her, so that she could pay his bills. She took him from his wife, so he is her problem now.

    2. He needs to get himself together……do like I do…don’t claim yourself until the end of the year…….we all have to pay taxes……I KNOW I DO…….

    3. Didn’t he have child support problems? Also, that’s a lot of tax money, is Swizz pulling down that kind of money. My real thought is that it’s amazing was the “Good Good” will make what seems like a woman with it all put up with. He’s going to have Alicia working off his debts for years. So Sad. I hope he loves her, but all this fiscal irreponsibility doesn’t lean in that direction to me.

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