Moore Drama

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TOM JOYNER:  Kenya Moore from the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Hey, Kenya.


TOM JOYNER:  How you doing?

KENYA MOORE:  I’m excellent, how are you?

TOM JOYNER:  I’m good, I’m good.  You are the star now of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  That’s right.  Forget Nina, it’s you now.

KENYA MOORE:  Oh, wow.  Thank you.  Yeah, I’ll take it.

TOM JOYNER:  Now, I have to confess, I don’t watch, but I do read the recaps in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  And …


Q:  Yes, I do.  I can’t, I can’t take it.  So I just read about it.

KENYA MOORE:  Don’t be a hater Tom, you should watch the show.  It’s very interesting to see, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


SYBIL WILKES :  Interesting’s a good word.

TOM JOYNER:  Interesting is a good word.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  It’s a good word.

SYBIL WILKES :  An accurate description.

TOM JOYNER:  Now, what I’ve been reading though it says that, uh …


TOM JOYNER:  Kenya, you’ve been …

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  You got beef.

SYBIL WILKES :  You already started some things there, Kenya.

Kenya Moore: Started stirring up some stuff?


SYBIL WILKES :  You and Cynthia, for sure already.

KENYA MOORE:  Yeah, we got, we locked horns in the beginning.  You know, we’re both bosses, and she was a having a casting, and it just wasn’t necessarily being run the way I would run a casting.  


KENYA MOORE:  And, you know, we just had some differences there, so.

SYBIL WILKES :  They were at Cynthia’s business and they were casting for Jet Beauty of the Week.  And there was just, it just started to be just a little, not a dust up, as it were, but you did call security on her people at her place.

KENYA MOORE:  Well, he was very disrespectful to me and I just didn’t know who he was and why he was talking to me.  Because honestly if it’s Cynthia’s business and if there was an issue with anything that was going on, then Cynthia, as the business owner, should have had a conversation with me, not her employee.  

TOM JOYNER:  Do you like your image on Real Housewives of Atlanta?

KENYA MOORE:  I think, you know, it’s taken some time for me to adjust on the editing process.  I think, you know, people that know me and have known me for the last 20 years in the business I’ve definitely been, you know, a classy woman.  I’ve been articulate.  I’m a lot of things.  And the show seems to be moving my, you know, editing process, or my image in a certain direction.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  They’re editing you wrong, huh?

SYBIL WILKES :  Well, they’re not showing you in that classy way already, Kenya.


SYBIL WILKES :  I must admit, I mean, I think from what we saw with Cynthia, and then what they have, they have foreshadowed, as far as your relationship with Phaedra and Apollo also indicates that you’re not the classy woman that you are …

KENYA MOORE:  Well, that’s the key word that you just said, indicate.  I think that that’s what gets, you know, people in trouble.  I think you need to watch the show because, you know, when you have a teaser out there, or what most people would consider commercial, you, they’re designed to make you want to tune in.  So some things are definitely taken out of context, and let me be the first to say I’m not interested in anybody’s husband.  Not Phaedra’s, not anybody else’s.  So you can put that on the record.

SYBIL WILKES :  And you just, you just said, what you are interested in is getting a husband of your own.  How’s that working out for you?

KENYA MOORE:  Let the choir say, amen, yes I am.  

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  That’s right, she was on the, she was on the Fantastic Voyage looking for a man.

KENYA MOORE:  No, I’ve never been, you haven’t invited me yet.  What’s up with my invitation?

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  Oh, you haven’t been?  

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  I thought you had.

KENYA MOORE:  So how is it working out with the gentleman that we’ve seen you with thus far that you moved to Atlanta for?

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  Talking about Me?

SYBIL WILKES :  No, not you.

KENYA MOORE:  Exclusively moved to Atlanta very late.

TOM JOYNER:  She was Jay Anthony Brown’s ex-wife on the Ricky Smiley show.

KENYA MOORE:  I was.  We had a ball shooting that show, hopefully you know, they’ll have me back next year.

SYBIL WILKES :  How was that for you?

KENYA MOORE:  He was a really good actor.  We definitely had some good chemistry.  You know, I think what’s the good thing about a reality show is that it does give the viewers a glimpse inside our personal life.  It’s not our entire life, it’s a segment of it.  You know, we only shoot three or four months at a time, so you get a glimpse of what we really go through.  Me being a single woman over 40, no children, and I’ve never been married, I represent 42.4% of black women that have never been married.  So I think that the viewers would need to, you know, watch the show to see how I deal with the challenges that arise in my relationship and, you know, getting to know someone, and trying to get to the altar.  I mean that’s always going to be my endgame right now.

SYBIL WILKES :  How do you deal though, Kenya, with, as you’ve already mentioned, about the editing process and how they do manipulate your image?

KENYA MOORE:  Well, I, what I understand from being in the media for the last 20 years is that you’re going to take some blows.  You know, people report things all day long.  You know, there was a rumor that I had been married.  There were pictures all over the internet stating that I had been married, and certainly that wasn’t true.  It was a picture that was from a still from a movie.  And all of the sudden I’m married to somebody who is already married.  So I think people have to be really careful on what they consume and know that, you know, you can pretty much in this day in age never believe anything that you hear and only half of what you see.  And those are just sort of rules that I live by.  Whenever I hear a rumor or I see something I don’t necessarily take it too seriously.  I take it with a grain of salt.  And at the end of the day it’s entertainment.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  Mm-hmm.  

KENYA MOORE:  But that’s what this is above.  I think that the show …

SYBIL WILKES :  So the rumors about you and Jay Anthony Brown …

KENYA MOORE:  … gave us an opportunity to really grow.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  I started those myself.

SYBIL WILKES :  Oh, oh, oh.

SYBIL WILKES :  The rumors that you were started about you and Jay Anthony Brown were started by Jay Anthony Brown.

TOM JOYNER:  Was started by Jay Anthony Brown.

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  I started those rumors.

KENYA MOORE:  You behave yourself.  Don’t put our business out in the street.

SYBIL WILKES :  Oh, that’s where his business stays, darling.  

TOM JOYNER:  Alright, Kenya.


KENYA MOORE:  It was really a lot of fun, but you know, I have been successful in my, you know, my acting.  I’m producing.  I have a movie out right now with Boris Kodjoe, and David Banner called The Confidant,

TOM JOYNER:  Well, good for you, Kenya.  Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore.


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