This is Our Moment – Again

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But right now, it’s okay to bask in the victory.  Just don’t lose your job doing it.

I’m exhausted, but it’s a good tired — the tired you feel when you’ve completed a task, when you’ve crossed the finished line, when you’ve done what someone said you were too weak to accomplish.

I think this Facebook post from Keisha Cook sums it up nicely:

Mr. Joyner,

Thank you kindly for 866-MY-VOTE-1.  My sister, who is a disabled vet, waited in line for an hour. Once she made it to the front, she was informed that she was not on the list to vote there! Mind you, she has voted there for the last three elections. She became frustrated and upset. I encouraged her not to give up! I remembered that you had a hotline, and I gave her the number. She was informed that her designated voting place had been changed! She was able to go home and get some comfortable shoes, food and water and head back out there!

Keisha’s sister didn’t give up, and neither did we.

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