Ken Smukler’s Trickery Report

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  • If you have reports of trickery, call 1-866-MY-VOTE-1.

    – In Toledo, Ohio, that’s Lucas County, Ohio, the poll location at MLK Boulevard did not open on time.  Apparently a security guard was not there to open it up. 

    -In Hennepin County, Virginia a machine changed votes from Obama to Romney and in Hennepin CH Reade School, the precincts changed, they combined precincts.  And now the machines can’t handle them.  They are switching to paper ballots at CH Reade School, and elderly voters are concerned that their votes will not count. 

    – In Ohio, Cuyahoga County, Mercer Elementary School, Sugar Heights, scanning machine is down.  In Franklyn County, Scottwood Elementary School, two out of the six machines down. 

    -Back to Lucas County, District 18 not accepting votes as of 7:17 a.m. and in the new battleground state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, Langdon Carnell Middle School, there is no power at the poll location, and in Philadelphia County District 14 the Ralph Bunche Recreation Center, no election judge, not allowing voters to vote. 

    -We’re also getting a bunch of calls and these are the calls we got before during the early vote of ex-felons in Florida not being able to vote, and these are ex-felons who were able to vote for Obama back in 2008.

    – In Florida, Miami, Florida, Northwest Third Avenue machines are down.  In Broward County, Florida military trainees at a technical school were told they can’t vote. 

    – In Fulton County, Georgia, West Oakland Baptist Church, on Violet Street, 200 people in line, one machine down. 

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