Seven Ways to Ease Stress in Natural Disasters

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3. Tell your story– The experts said that telling your story to friends and family orally or through the written word can provide healing. They believe that talking or journaling about the experience can develop understanding which aids the moving on process.

4. Honor other ways of coping- While one method of coping may ease or speed the healing process for you, the experts recognize that it may not work for another. Heaps and Bryner believe each individual reacts and responds differently to disasters therefore their process of coping will be just as unique. They also find that the grieving period may vary among people.

5. Limit disaster exposure–Even though there are constant updates and stories about the disaster, Heaps and Bryner suggest limiting the amount of time used watching the news, posting pictures,  or reading social media posts about the events. They find that it has the tendency to open old wounds that can stifle the healing process.

6. Discover and practice meditation-When a moment seems to be overwhelming or the anxiety starts to build, Heaps and Bryner suggest using meditation methods such as deep breathing or praying that can have calming effects.  They also recommend using music or self-talking to assure yourself that things are OK now and you are safe.

7. Extend a helping hand-Heaps and Bryner believe providing service to others can be a therapeutic activity.  They feel that helping someone else move forward can also aid your own progress. 

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