Woman Hit By Cleveland Bus Driver Talks to TJMS

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  • Shi'dea Lane joined the TJMS this morning to defend her part in the altercation with Cleveland bus driver Artis Hughes.

    She was involved in one of the most watched internet videos of 2012 when she was hit with an uppercut by Hughes.

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    14 thoughts on “Woman Hit By Cleveland Bus Driver Talks to TJMS

    1. The point is simple. He is the employee. He CANNOT lose his cool. PERIOD. I’ve worked for the same school district for 15 years. If I were to say to some of these parents what I REALLY felt, I would NOT have a job–even if what I had to say were true. If you cannot deal with the public, then you need to go into another line of employment. I chose my particular profession. When I get to the breaking point, I take a few vacation days. I can’t go off and cuss out a parent, and hit one with an uppercut–even if they deserve it.

    2. Has anyone ever seen bad karma obummer go into the hood and alot funds to clean it up and provide jobs for the 35% black youth unemployment? I don’ think so because he’s been too busy playing golf with rich Wallstreet white guys whom he’s given billions to. Now, still going to vote for him because he’s half black?

    3. Tom Don’t Hide Behind Your Mike.
      I don’t Care Who Started All This !
      It’s never Ok to beat up a woman-Especially A Black Woman- , and it’s even worse to make a joke of all this!!
      Who raised all these buffoons who support Violence Against Black Women in our Black Community?
      What Is wrong with the female reporter who never condemned this despicable act by a Big Bully ?
      And You Tom Call Yourself Black And Proud , and Make Fun Of This Self Described “Famous Uppercut?” Shame on TJMS, Shame On The Bully, The Black Bystanders In The Bus.
      Tom Try To Make Fun About A White Jewish Woman Getting Punched Out, And Thrown Off A Bus By A BLack Man, I Dare You Tom!!! You Would Loose Your Show in a second.

    4. Remember Guys The Whole World Reads Comments From The African American Community , and I can Tell You We are Looked Up On as Cowards With No Backbone. People Around The World View Us a A Bunch Of Crude Vulgar . I as a Black Man Am Ashamed By The Bad Behavior , and The Poor Choice Of Words In The TJMS Interview. The African American Community is clearly approving the Beating Of Black Women By Weak Coward African American Men. There is No Tolerance Now Or Ever For Beating Black Women.
      Is This The Obama Election Platform Tom Joyner Want’s To Show To The World??? Shame Shame On All The Folks That Were On That Bus And Did Nothing To Protect This Woman. It’s About Protecting Our Women, That’s What Real Men Doi

    5. Shame on Us Black America For Supporting Violence Against Women.
      No Man. No Where Who Is A Real Man Beats UP A Woman.
      Several Passengers Stood By Like A Bunch Of Cowards We Have Become. No Wonder We are Disrespected . Without A Woman There Would Be No Man.
      Tom Shame On You Why Did You Crack A Joke To That Lady Regarding Not Upsetting Her Aunt?
      You are not Funny , This was a despicable Act By You Tom, Are You Supporting Violence Against Women?????
      What Would You Do If Someone Beat Up And Threw Your Mom Down The Bus???
      I Know What I Would Do, I would Make sure The Sonna Of A B meets Satan prematurely

    6. The only cowards I see are The members of the TJMS. With the exception of Jay Anthony, you all let her get on your show andLIE. The video clearly shows what really happened. TJ and the interviewer answered the questions for her and defended a woman who spit on the man, punched the man, and expects not to get hit???? You should be ashamed to even allow someone, anyone come on your show and lie without checking them.

    7. I see by the feedback comments how cowardly many of Us So Called Black Men Are.
      70% of Black Households are headed by Black Women, Changing Your Diapers, Taking Care Of Us When We are Sick , Working For Minimum Wages to feed us Black Men So That One Day WE Can Beat Them , Chase White Women, and quit School. We are Cowards who allow The White Man To Abuse Us, Who Allow Thugs Like This Bus Driver Beat Up A Sister.
      I For One Do Not Believe This Sister Walked On The Bus Ans Started Cussing Or Spitting At This This Old “UnCle Tom Thug” . I believe Her That The Bus Driver Called her a ‘HO” when she took time to produce the Buss Fees.
      She Stood Up For Herself , She Refused To Be called A “Ho” , Good For Her and Shame On All Black Men In America For Beating Our Women. and Abusing Them. They Take Care Of Us.

    8. She should have gotten off the bus, and/or as someone else said, he should have FIRST called the police and then dispatch.
      As a female, there’s no way in the world I would have an argument with anyone in public.
      Both are idiots

    9. Even though he could’ve handled the situation better,whether the fact he hit her or not,she had it coming by her mouth alone.She did pass the first lick.Being a public servant is no picnic.Everyday bus drivers deal with inorant folks who rides public transportation daily and I have seen first hand how they are treated sometimes,even though there are some busdrivers who are mean,rude,and just downright nasty towards passengers,but I myself would not want that job no matter what it pays.Everyone has a breaking point,regardless of how a public servant is suppose to keep cool and be polite,but we need to put oursevles in their shoes and think about how would we react in that situation.I hope he does not lose his job,but she should have been arrested for assault regardless of how the busdriver hit her,she should have never put her hands on him.

    10. Since I live in the state of Ohio, (not Cleveland), I’m going to weigh in. The bus driver was DEAD WRONG. Not only for the uppercut, but for the fact that he actively engaged in the exchanged when he, as an employed public servant, should have pulled the bus over, called dispatch to let them know what was going on and that he was no longer on his route, then called the police to have her removed and that would have been the end of the story. He should not have sat there and gone back-and-forth with her. As a bus driver in a large, urban city I know that he encounters crazies on “the regular,” and I’m sure it was not the first time that he had a person who didn’t pay the “fare.” I work for a school district, and I have been cussed out to within an inch of my life, in person and on the phone. It is my responsibility as the employee to not let the situation get out of control. He could have simply ignored her. One link can’t rattle a chain.

    11. I didn’t believe anything she said about not being aggressive. Since the incident, she comes across as such a “sweet, law-abiding citizen”. But the video showed the true girl she really is. No woman that has been a victim of domestic violence will put herself in position to be physically abused, regardless if she knew it (the punch) was coming or not. I don’t condone physical violence at all but that doesn’t give her the right to abuse him (verbally or physically) and not expect to get something back. That doesn’t exclude the driver from his wrong doing. The way to end it with without confrontation wasn’t taken even though they both had the opportunities to do so. She is not an innocent victim and she should have some form of punishment as well.

    12. Too often chicks in this world wanna play tough like they can beat a man, stop you can’t! It ironic that now this chick wants to play the victim when we all saw the video, you were clearly the instigator, your lawyer must be advising you to play the victim now. It sad that that driver was trying to feed his family and had to encounter a monster like you, at least that uppercut gave you some new found common sense!!!!

    13. WOW! That’s not what the video showed. I pray they both get it together, both sides were so wrong. Like Jay said, she could’ve been the bigger person and sat down….

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