Nurse Injects Coffee into Patient’s Veins

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  • A student nurse, Rejane Moreira Telles, of Brazil accidently injected coffee into the veins of an 80-year-old patient this past week.

    Telles, 23, claims she had only three days of experience, she defends the accident saying, "anyone can get confused."

    The patient died hours later from the accident.

    The nurse has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.


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    2 thoughts on “Nurse Injects Coffee into Patient’s Veins

    1. Even though she is a nursing student, I cannot understand how she did not realize she was loading the syringe with coffee. I mean coffee does have a distinctive smell.

    2. Please call the young lady a nursing student. She will not be a Licensed Nurse if convicted. A Professional Nurse would never make a mistake like that. Let’s not continue to call her a Nurse. Let us pray for her because she has to live the death of another human being.

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