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  • So, what should determine whether a person remains in college or not? Grades? Of course. Conduct? I’m with that. Money? Well that’s a tricky one. Of course it costs lots of money to get a higher education and it’s getting more expensive all the time. Somebody has to pay for it, that’s for certain.

    But what should never happen, in my opinion, is for a student with good grades who his doing his or her best, to have to drop out of college soley because of lack of money. It’s one thing not to get there in the first place. It’s a whole other thing to be enrolled and on your way to a degree only to discover that you’ve run out of money.  But it happens all the time. That’s why our cause at the Tom Joyner Foundation is to raise money to help kids remain enrolled at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We’ve done a good job so far having raised $60 million dollars.

    We don’t do it alone. We do it with people like you who realize they may not be able to make a huge monetary contribution on their own, but that when they make a small sacrifice it makes a huge difference. We understand that and not only do we appreciate every donation big and small, we are always looking for ways to help people contribute. Most of us want to give back. We are just looking for opportunities where we know our dollars are going to good use .

    Allstate’s “Quotes for Education” is a perfect way to give back and get something in return…and it’s easy. Every time you get a quote from a participating Allstate agent, $10 is designated to the Tom Joyner Foundation to support HBCU students.  It’s a way for you, your family members, friends, co-workers, etc. to partner in making someone else’s life better.

    I’m so glad when big companies like Allstate not only are willing to contribute, but they want to make sure they’re doing it in a way that empowers others.

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