Ann Coulter Calls President Obama ‘Retard’ on Twitter

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  • Ann Coulter is back at it again.

    In what many believe is another ploy for attention or simply another ignorant remark by the extremely conservative commentator, Ann Coulter.

    During last night's final presidential debate, Coulter took to twitter to express her opinion on the debate tweeting:

    "I Highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard."

    Coulter is known for her narrow-minded, insensitive commentary; however, using this inflammatory term should land her in hot water.

    However, no one will be surprised if it doesn't because when she used the term back in September to comment on the Romney's 47% video, she gained little backlash.

    She tweeted back in September:

    "Been busy but is Obama still talking about that video? i had no idea how crucial the retarded vote is in this election."

    And this is the woman Jimmie "JJ" Walker allegedly dates.

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    24 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Calls President Obama ‘Retard’ on Twitter

    1. I am several grouped volunteers in addition to beginning a fresh structure within our group. Your internet site provided us precious data to be able to pictures with. You might have performed the formidable career plus our own full community could be pleased to you.

    2. Oh bless her black cocktail dress wearing self. She was once seen as the darling of the GOP but for some reason disappeared from the spotlight and from favor. Not sure why, but this comment is as irrelevant as she is. Maybe a change in dress shades might help :)

    3. Whatever her comments are and have been about the President is simply an indication of her simple minded applitude …stop the hate…Romney lost the debate(if you can seriously call it that)..he simply does not have the experience nor insight to lead this great nation into the new world …

    4. Let her talk….WHY? Because this is how the Rethugithans and the tea baggers react when their candidate fails to come through for them.

    5. Two stupid ignorant people are dating???? .Why is anyone giving her an audience?She is a non factor and so is her opinion. And the remark using the word retard is horrible and disrespectful and is a awful word to use about anyone period point blank

    6. Why are we wasting time talking about her?
      Is She that important except that she is White sleeping with A Black man?
      JJ is giving her the Big Black One , and now she is bold .
      The truth is, when Whites sleep with Blacks they feel free to say anything they wish , just ask Sarah Palin , she got it from a Black Basketball Player in Alaska

    7. Ann Coulter has “issues”. Serious ones. She just might be beyond therapeutic help. Girlfriend is going to mouth off at the wrong person and at the wrong time. After the butt whipping will come the lawsuit for defamation of character. Coulter won’t be able to sell enough books to meet the settlement.

    8. I just stood in line for an hour to poudly check the box next to President Obama’s name. I just gave that crackpot Coulter the middle finger. That is how you answer an idiot like her! Vote! It is not only our right, but our duty.

    9. This imbesil does this to garner attention. Plain and simple. I’m grateful that our POTUS has a thick skin and double-doses of pride and dignity to not let the consistently-blatant disrespect tarnish his legacy as our Commander in Chief. Beyond that, if people want to believe that our POTUS is a “retard”, then she should look in the mirror really closely and continue to be envious that she could never reach that level on her best day.

    10. She must have been looking in the mirror and just called out what she saw. Even Mitt knows that POTUS is not a retard. And furthermore, what a terrible and callus word to use regarding anyone, let alone POTUS. This is very telling about her IQ , integrity and character, or lack of. Let her blow air..No one is buying that idiotic book she wrote.

    11. She is just mad because she wishes she hadn’t transitioned from a man to a woman. If she is not a transexual, then Richard Simmons is straight. Check the neck.

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