Woman Claims She Was Raised by Monkeys

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  • In a new tell-all, a British woman claims she was raised by monkeys.

    Columbian-born Marina Chapman said she was kidnapped and held for ransom at four-years old and abandoned in a jungle. She spent five years being raised by Capuchin monkeys.

    Chapman said she was adopted by Capuchins as one of their own, learning how to scale trees, hunt birds and rabbits, and other customary behaviors.

    The now 50-something woman is releasing a personal memoir entitled The Girl with No Name.

    The book’s description gives a brief account of her jungle family’s experiences:

    “They fought, played and shared tender and terrifying experiences. Marina developed extraordinary super-human abilities such as tree-climbing, stealth and animal communication.”

    Chapman claimed she was rescued by hunters and sold to a Columbian brothel. She said she eventually found work as a housemaid as a teenager and met her husband during a trip to Britain. They have two children together.

    Researchers are not surprised at how welcoming monkeys are to human children.

    In 1991 a six-year-old Ugandan boy was found living in trees with vervet monkeys. Twenty-seven years later, he learned to speak and is now singing and traveling with a choir. In 1996, another African child was found living with monkeys. When discovered, the two-year-old Nigerian boy walked like the chimps with his hands dragging against the ground. He later died in 2005.

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