VIDEO: Natural Girls Deliver A Contradicting Message

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Here’s the thing–the women in this video all have beautiful, natural hair and they spend most of their time being admired by readers and viewers who purchase the products they push. To take part in Chescaleigh’s parody is a questionable move.

As far as branding goes, these naturalistas should have through twice about poking fun at real girls with real curls who look at them as authorities on natural hair. There are a lot of natural girls out there in the pure struggle (And don’t act like you don’t know who I’m referring to), who trust ladies like Taren Guy, The Urban Bush Babes and Hey Fran Hey to tell them which curly pudding, whipped butter or other delicious sounding hair product to slather on their strands.

So Chescaleigh’s parody comes with a bit of a sting. I get the comedy in it, but many girls are never going to have the glorious afro like Taren Guy’s. Many natural girls need more than just “Patience” to get real growth. I wonder why most of these bloggers and vloggers push products to their followers on a daily, but then you poke fun at the same girls that look to you for advice by telling them that all they need is patience. This is not a good or smart look.

Most parodies offend, but Chescaleigh’s just hurts. Do you think Chescaleigh’s parody is funny or hurtful?

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