VIDEO: Natural Girls Deliver A Contradicting Message

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  • Chescaleigh–the YouTube sensation behind “Sh*t White Girls Say To Black Girls,” “No Mo’ No Homo” and more has added to her fun-loving videos. Her latest parody comments on the natural hair phenomenon that has taken over black women’s minds, tresses and blogs. She teamed up with popular hair vloggers and bloggers Taren Guy, The Urban Bush Babes and Hey Fran Hey for a good laugh at towards naturalistas that struggle with coveting longer hair.

    Chesclaleigh isn’t pouncing on natural girl, she’s telling the girls that are waiting for their strands to lengthen that there’s only one true way for hair growth and that’s patience. Get it?

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    2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Natural Girls Deliver A Contradicting Message

    1. I fell out laughing at the anti-envy spray! This video is not offensive, it’s the truth.
      Black hair in it’s natural state is only half the length it is when straightened, so you feel like your hair is never growing because you miss the length you had when it was relaxed/permed. If you don’t care for it properly, the coils and curls will break, which results in even shorter hair.
      If we focused more on properly CARING for our natural hair and not the length, you’d be surprised how long and thick natural black hair can grow. Any black woman,natural or not, understands the endless wait and expectation we have for waist length hair overnight from some magic potion. Most of us can’t even get our ends cut without acting a complete fool. DON’T MESS WITH MY LENGTH! :-)

    2. I don’t think its hurtful at all. If you get what they’re trying to say, its quite funny. I’m not sure why anyone would call this hurtful. I can identify with the loc issue for sure; now I’m learning to work with my hair in its natural state and believe me it truly takes patience. Thank God that’s free!

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