Sheree Whitfield Wins Child Support Battle with Ex-Husband

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  • Former Atlanta Housewife Sheree Whitfield finally has something to celebrate after being axed from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" a few months back.

    Sheree's child support drama with her ex-husband Bob Whitfield was constantly being played out on the show.

    Now after years of constant back and forth, Sheree has been awarded $75,000 in unpaid child support payments.

    In 2000, Bob signed a lucrative contract worth $30 million with the Atlanta Falcons (which Sheree often pointed out on "RHOA"); however, he still managed to miss 38 payments of $2,142 per month.

    The judge has ordered Bob to pay Sheree the $75k by November 11th or else he will face the court again.

    Although, the judge did give Bob a break by decreasing his payments to $1,000/m for the next 12 months before they go back to the original cost.

    The couple have two children together, Kairo, 13, and Kaleigh, 10.

    Maybe finally "Chateau Sheree" can be finished.


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    3 thoughts on “Sheree Whitfield Wins Child Support Battle with Ex-Husband

    1. i agree… if a person can’t support their own “glamourous” lifestyle, stop using your children to do so. if you feel that you were entitled to something file a civil suit but don’t use your kids as a means to get money. If he missed all of those payments and you are still able to boast designer whatever, start to build a house…LOL, be on “a-list scenes” then it can’t be in the best interest of the children that you are seeking this money.

    2. She won’t see a penny of that money. She has been trying to get him to take cate of his own children for years & he has failed to do so. His ugly azz should be locked up for being such a LOSER! And Sheree needs to stop trying to BALL & live like a normal person! *smh@the nonsense*

    3. Ironically, NO one wins at Child support. Child support is not glamorizing no matter how much money one receives and the only ones that truly suffer in what the media called a ” battle” are the children.

      There is no such thing as a win, win situation in family child support it’s a lose, lose situation for everyone.

      Dr. Banks

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