96-Year-Old Becomes World’s Oldest Father

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3 thoughts on “96-Year-Old Becomes World’s Oldest Father

  1. Amazing! A miracle, just like in the Bible. I am proud of them. God blessed them and now many generations will be born powerful just like in the Bible.

  2. While I’m very happy he was able to bring life into the world, I’m saddened at the same time. How long will he be able to be in his childs life? Will he be able to attend the childs graduation, watch him go thru puberty, have that talk about girls? We all want to live forever, but it’s not a reality. But growing up without a father is… smh.. (happy and sad at the same time).

  3. God is still working miracles……AWWWWWW but why the wife have to get sterilized why the hell can t he get himself ‘ fixed’….OR they both get ‘fixed’….

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