We really don't need another reality show but Chris Paul has figured out a perfect show for T.O., Chad Johnson, and Plaxico Burress.

Listen to the audio HERE to hear what else Chris Paul has to say and read the full transcipt below.


This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.  

Wide receiver Plaxico Buress wants all of you NFL teams to know that he’s still in tiptop shape and he’s ready to help somebody compete for a Super Bowl. All he needs is a shot (gun shots). You know that makes three former superstar wide receivers who are unemployed: T.O., Ocho and Plaxico. Maybe they should team up and do a reality TV show. Call it The Real Out Of Work Negros of the NFL.

And speaking of the NFL, sources say that Beyoncé will be the halftime performer for the Super Bowl, which is good because Beyoncé has hits that all people of all colors can enjoy. But it’s also bad because Beyoncé shaking and shimmering and bouncing that booty is going to cause arguments between millions of married couples worldwide. ‘Oh, is that what you like? Huh? Answer me.  Well, why don’t you move your black ass out and find your own Beyoncé?’.

A Salmonella outbreak has led the recall of thousands of bags of peanuts. So on behalf of the TJMS I’m warning everybody out there, ‘Checkity check your nuts before you wreck your nuts, checkity check your nuts before you wreck your nuts, checkity check your nuts before you wreck your nuts because salmonella is bad for your gut.’

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