Hypersexuality Possibly Recognized as a Mental Disorder

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  • A former Army medic admits that he is struggling to find a balance between his sexual urges and caring for his family.

    The 51-year-old man who goes by the name of Candy Cane online said that he spends over six hours video-chatting, taking photos of himself, and soliciting male and female sexual partners. He even dresses up in women’s clothing to have cybersex with men.

    “I have become reckless and uncaring about losing anything,” the retired combat medic said. “I care more about my sexual urges than my family.”

    Although he’s survived two major combats, Cane believes his sexual addiction is the worse battle he has ever faced.

    “I am losing control and I am going to end up with an STD or AIDS,” he said.

    Cane’s sexual symptoms have been linked to a disorder known as hypersexuality. Psychiatrists are hoping this condition will be added to the DSM-5, the newest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

    Dr. Martin Kafka, who is working on the revisions to the DSM, said that mental health experts hope that by adding the disorder to the official list, they can help people like Cane through more research.

    “If you review the empirical research literature in the last 20 years from a variety of perspectives, it looks at the problem and calls it by different names, but all of these names have a lot in common when describing the same phenomenon,” Kafka noted.

    If recognized, hypersexuality will be identified as the disorder in which a person exhibits repetitive and intense sexual fantasies, urges, and behaviors related to the following list of actions:

    -Excessive time spent planning and engaging in sex typically when experiencing moods of irritability, anxiety, depression or boredom.

    -Exhibiting sexual behaviors in response to stressful life circumstances.

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