CEO Threatens Layoffs if President Obama is Re-Elected

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    36 thoughts on “CEO Threatens Layoffs if President Obama is Re-Elected

    1. This man was honest, imagine all the others that will not hire a black man, or give him a fair evaluation, because they are angry about a black man elected as President, how many black men have been fired how many black men have be abused by authorities just because of the election of Obama,

    2. He presents a strong argument. And if it was an honorable candidate with a solid plan opposing this current adminstration, this would be something to seriously consider. But since Mitt Romney is shady, weasley, and lies incessantly, Re-elect President Obama.

      Also, no matter how they try to frame it, the country’s economy is not only the only thing at stake in this current election. Protections, rights, freedoms, international relations, and our food and water supplies are at risk. Romney’s not the man for any of these. Again, re-elect President Obama.

      Mitt Romney is clearly no diplomat. We don’t want another war. Re-elect President Obama.

      Mr. Siegel, I’m sorry, but you must either endure another four years, or make personal hard choices.

      Obama, four more years!

    3. This is the worst bull s… I have ever heard. “Don’t vote for Obama because he will eliminate my Bush tax cut which would reduce my 5mil paycheck to 4.7mil. I need that extra .3mil to add another bathroom to my 26-bathroom, 30-bedroom mansion. If I don’t get my way I will cut off my nose to spite my face. “I will close the business that I have been married to and love and enjoyed a very lavish life-style even in this poor economy, and I will go and sit on the beach, under a palm tree”. Is he for real?
      First of all this man built this company with the help of his workers, he got rich and they got a paycheck and the more people make a payheck the more they will spend it, maybe at the resort, so he could make more money to offset that extra tax. 2nd I’m sure there are investors and board members and even heirs to the throne who would not just let this company go. 3rd how utterly selfish can one person be, this man have made his bil and would rather fire people before he would contribute a little more to help this country get back on it’s feet. I guess he does not appreacite his employees or what this country have done for him, after all he did say he would “retire to the Caribbean with no employees to worry about”. 4th if his party offered something in the best interest of the employees they would vote for his party, but he is asking the employees to vote against their best interest and in the interest of David Siegel. 5th he take pride in helping get Bush elected?, he must know that the Bush admin is exactly what we are trying to recover from now. 6th does he think being a bully is the way to go? That’s as bad as trying to surpress the vote.
      Last but not least I threaten him, if Romey win I will not take my annual one week getaway at a resort, because I will probable lose my government job. I have a child with a pre-condition illness, when the affordable care act is repealed what should I do when I can no longer afford my health insurance. My quality of life will lessen just so he can keep that extra 3% tax that he say would devastate him. Please give me a break!

    4. Don’t forget, the first 250K of income is exempt from the 3% increase. So the expiration of the Bush tax cuts only applies to monies earned in excess of $250K! For example, if $300K is earned, only $50K is subject to the 3% increase. That’s $1500. And to put it into further perspective, it’s money that isn’t used. This money just sits in portfolios collecting more interest. The notion that the money is used for hiring is just absurd.

      How do I know this? My income is above $250K and I own a financial services company that sees the income and spending habits of individuals that have the level of income.


    5. Republicans argue that letting the high-end tax cuts expire will hit small businesses and impede hiring. That is nonsense, and based on an overly broad definition of “small business,” which counts any taxpayer who reports business income as a business owner, including lawyers and accountants working in partnerships, corporate executives who sit on other firms’ boards and shareholders in “S-corporations,” business organizations that can employ thousands of workers. Using a more reasonable definition of small business — for instance, having income and deductions of less than $10 million — a recent Treasury analysis found that only 2.5 percent of small-business owners would face higher taxes from the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. Of those who would be affected, most are unlikely to reduce hiring or investment because of ample deductions for business expenses.

      As for job creation, it’s not coming from the people with money. Over 90% of the assets owned by millionaires are held in a combination of low-risk investments (bonds and cash), the stock market, real estate, and personal business accounts . Angel investing (capital provided by affluent individuals for business start-ups) accounted for less than 1% of the investable assets of high net worth individuals in North America in 2011. The Mendelsohn Affluent Survey agreed that the very rich spend less than two percent of their money on new business startups.

    6. You are very wrong. Probably around 25% of his employees make over $100k per year. I know that is not rich but I can tell you from experience that in his company, hard work pays, and pays well!! This is even without a 4 year degree. I am a black man and it is so funny to read these post!! The blind leading the blind. This is exactly why majority of us don’t get ahead.

    7. You do not know what you are talking about. Stop always trying to play the race card. If you knew the man, you could appreciate what he has done for Central Florida. I am a real black man who works for Westgate Resorts and he has given me and my family an opportunity of a good life when the incumbent President and his policies killed my thriving businesses when he did not go after the banks as he should have for creating the financial turmoil, but in turn passed laws that forced private companies and individuals under a national system of unfair regulations when it was the big banks who caused all of the madness that is has ruined our country. They got a slap on the wrist while I had to shut down a national franchise and a very profitable real estate company. Thanks for nothing Mr. President!!! God Bless David Siegel!!!

    8. You have to be able to see past your own nose. If you are a business owner you should be smart enough to know this economy on a global level is at the end of its roads, the bankers know this hence the unwillingness to make loans. (Normalcy Bias) — Will be the cause of our worst nightmares coming true Riots in the streets. If you don’t know what Normalcy Bias means look it up.

    9. He`s a billionaire, he could care less, he`s a mirrior image of Mitt, people get layed off all the time. Romney made the same threat to planned parenthood, when he gets elected they will be out of work.

    10. This is baloney! Do not fall for it Westgate employees. Call his bluff. You WILL live to regret it if you vote against President Obama. David Siegel is threatening you if you do not vote for him. Can you say class action lawsuit?

    11. Let the idiot say what he wants to say. They can vote for whomever they want. They don’t have to tell him. HOW WOULD HE KNOW HOW HIS EMPLOYEES VOTED.

    12. Everyone that owns a westgate time share to sell it and never go back to one. People like this make me sick he looks like a red neck. What if people boycott his establishment. THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO VOTE Old ass rich white men.

    13. Do what you got to do. So what you aer saying is that the President is basically responsible for the tax code? Now you threaten your employees with layoff if they don’t vote the way that helps you keep your business running? Just another bully trying to scare people into doing what is best for you.Oh and I am still crying about the fact that Barack Obama is responsible for the fact that you had to take your children out of private schoolnd stop building you dream home Oh please give me a break you are nothing but a bully!!!!

    14. I am a business owner and have been for years. I agree with him 100%! The 1% CREATES JOBS, Facebook stated with three people. Now he employes hundreds. He is the 1%. You can not tax them to death they can and will take your job elsewhere. People don’t want to hear the truth, that’s why you except your elected officials lying to you. Obama and Romney are BS-ing us!

      They will not tell you the truth because they don’t have to. When you become a business owner you see things in a different light you are exposed to different things, most live better. It does not mean you are better your standard of living if you are successful will change. You don’t always believe all the BS.

      What is he saying different from all the other OBAMA supporters? It comes across different because he is rich? No you think he is arrogant because he is rich. I live in Florida and have close friends that work for him and he does care. He has given people opportunities that has changed blacks, whites, Latinos, Mexicans, Haitians and so on lives.

      He has given opportunities to people that have come from nothing and now have high positions in his company. i could go on and on. STOP believing everything you hear without questioning it. Let me as everyone this question if he and all the other 1% said the hell with this and shut their companies down and went to live in greece where the tax rates are more than favorable. What would you do, I know most of you will not have a job.

      Think about it if you clock in everyday that’s your job to clock in and earn your pay, but if the government started taxing you for state tax, federal tax, payroll tax, business tax and any other tax I may have missed all hell would break loose. Most people complain about FICA and medicare! He’s different, he can’t complain because he’s a billionaire the hell he can. It’s his money and he want’s to protect it like you!

    15. Phoenix Capital Research’s blog
      “In simple terms, today we are facing a Crisis that is far, far worse than 2008. Before it ends, it is quite possible that we will see the entire Western Financial System collapse and a new system put into place”. The wealthy would rather lie and keep this system that has given them so much in place, no matter how much pain the masses will endure. The cuts the wealthy have made on Spain and Greece has got the people in the streets. We are no better then them we just happen to live in the only nation on the planet that can print out fake money by the federal reserve. Soon all other nation will realize the dollar bill is a useless un payable debt. And then the collapse, stop sleeping we need a real change. Our fear of change is going to make our worst nightmare come true.

    16. CindyCruz,Why are you complaining that your folks work 70 hours with no breaks for lunch? Is there somebody standing over them with a whip forcing them to work like that? If not,why blame this president? At least your family got a business..Mr Mitt ain’t gonna do squat for you,me or anybody else.

    17. Sorry @cindycruz,
      Do you even know about wealth? Well I do and you are the incorrect one. The money that was lost was from money of the greedy rich, who heavily invested in stocks to hopefully gain even more money. Those who maintained sound businesses and put their money in securities did not lose much of anything. I’m not talking about rich people, where one gambler or a sick family member could wipe you out…I’m talking about wealthy.

      PLEASE NOTE the year 2007…President Obama was not in office.

      “Richer people owned more bonds that didn’t get killed,” Hoyt said. “For middle-income households, their primary asset is their house, and the government stimulus backstopped incomes at the low end.”

      The median family’s net worth dropped to $77,300 from $126,400 in 2007, the Fed said. The wealthiest 10% of families saw their median net worth rise 1.9% to $1.17 million.

    18. @mbsmckenney
      Your actually incorrect, ALL classes of people have gotten poorer over the past four years. More wealth has evaporated in the past four years than in anytime in history

    19. There you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen, straight from the person who creates wealth for HIMSELF. You can bet that none of his employees are rich or he would not be able to threaten them in this way. I don’t know if the tax code is a balanced system or not, but what I do understand is the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer and the middle class disappears. He whines about his long hours and not having an off day (his choice). Many Americans would love to have had a sample of the opportunity he’s had. Many a father could not get hire…not because of skill, but because of skin. Many a mother has had to leave her babies alone at home to work a second job, with little pay, long hours, no days off and the sacrifices without any lavishness at the end of the day; not because of her skill or skin, but because of her gender. If all things were equal, there would be no real issue, but Mr. Siegel should ask himself how he felt the economy was going when former President Bush left office. The current President Obama did not have any hand in any of the past administrations that helped to ran our economy into the ground. When Mr. Siegel’s was getting great tax cuts, there was no whining then, but now when he needs to help with the cleanup from that debacle….well let’s just say that when someone quoted, it takes money to make money, they were not talking about anyone who benefited while the rest of us were working really hard. Personally, I resent anyone who proclaims that no one works as hard as they do, just because we are not as rich as they are. If we were all rich, no one would be rich.

    20. David Siegel is a fool. Read the story about a fool call Nabal in the Bible 1Sam 25 and you’ll see your boss. He and his man Bush got the American people in this mess and now he wants to blame you. Read what happened to Nabal.

    21. WoW! He is really talking like he cares so much for his employees. When the real fact is, good or bad economy, he will lay off and ship jobs overseas just like the rest of the wealthy employers. Keep in mind it was Bush giving huge tax breaks to wealthy businesses who shipped jobs overseas which created a ripple effect on Wall Street and GM among others, which led to the U.S. economy crises. He is talking like he will go bankrupt overnight-Not True! When in fact, it is the common folk investing and buying his timeshares keeping him in business-Not the Government or President Obama. I am going to personally look at Westgate Resorts so that I may know what goods and services NOT to buy from him or any of his subsidiaries and advertisements. Westgate employees Do Not get bullied!!

    22. I am 50 years old and this world has been messed up for 50 years…..How the hell can POTUS screw up so much in 4 years???? I believe the Unemployment rate for our people is high because Repubs and Tea Party own most of the shit in the great U.S. A. They are purposely not hiring blacks so that we can be brainwashed to think everything is POTUS’s fault….I am not stupid white people, you just can’t stomach the fact of a black man leading you….I am still voting for POTUS…..Another for of voter suppression!!!!

    23. Has anyone given any thought to the fact that this economic system is finished, the only thing holding it up is the feds pumping in billions a month of money with no way to pay it back no one can fix it its done. We would all do better to start coming up with a new system before its to late and stop listening to the greedy wealthy trying to scrape and steal what crumbs are left in a dead economy its no coming back its over. Sorry to bear the real news.

    24. I was in Hilton Head in July, went to a Westgate time share presentation and I am not surprised, I was not impressed with the way his people try to strong arm u into buying into the time share. So glad I did not buy into this company, seems everything is President Obama’s fault, get cho life (as Tamar says).

    25. He’s a billionaire. He knows that Mitt is going to lose, so he is saying this. As the article stated, he is responsible for the election of President Bush. He is one of the ‘haters’, that can’t stand for MY President, being smarter than Dubya.

    26. To all the posters knocking this guy….. He is actually one of the few who are vocalizing their frustration at the economy and future prospects.
      My parents and I went to the Hispanic Business Expo this past spring and almost all of the attendees were dejected over the economy and so many said they were ready to quit and get out.

    27. My parents own a restaurant, they work 70 hours a week and they are saying “Is it worth it?!?!”
      When the government takes away the incentives(including limiting the amount of money you can make) to take risks and do better for your family…. everybody in this nation will become less wealthy and poorer.

    28. Sorry to say but I don’t blame him, he is RIGHT! This is prob a fake chain letter but whoever wrote it from a business owners standpoint is right….you don’t make a ton of money unless you have worked very hard and what’s the point if all of it is going to the tax man…oh and he makes other great points. I voting for ROMNEY all the way, believe me he’s not the only business owner thinking this or this rather is right out of the minds of most business owners today. That is why Romney actually has a shot now! Good luck, vote for who YOU WANT and I will too.

    29. Isn’t it interesting that he blames a tax code that was partially established before the current politicians. Let me remind voters that the Regan “trickle” down theory of economics. That plan did not work either. Many of the 99 per centers did not benefit from that plan. Some were worse of. But there is hope. Vote!

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