Guess Which Rapper Landed a New Reality Show?

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  • VH1 has announced a new reality show for their fall line-up starring none other than rapper The Game, who has enjoyed a summer of making-up and breaking-up with on-again fiance Tiffney Cambridge.

    Quite fitting, the new show will be titled "Marrying The Game" and it will follow the couple as they prepare for their nuptials.

    Cambridge, a teacher, and Jayceon Taylor or otherwise known as The Game have been together for eight years and have two kids; King Justice, five-years-old, and Cali Dream, two-years-old.

    As noted, the couple has split a couple of times over The Game's lifestyle but it looks like the duo are back at it again.

    The season premiere is November 19 at 9:30PM et on VH1.


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    2 thoughts on “Guess Which Rapper Landed a New Reality Show?

    1. I really swear this chick was smarter cant she see this dude hampster fell off the treadmill a long time ago and she is just wasting time with this fool who seems unstable and has a whole lotta scews loose, but i know you can choose who your heart fall in love with right…lol

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