Chris Paul’s Morning Minute: Stacey Dash Supports Romney

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  • Chris Paul hammers down on the New York Jets, Jennifer Lopez's beau, and Stacey Dash for her support of Mitt Romney. Well, take a listen and read below to find out Paul's opinion of Dash after she came out to back Mitt Romney.

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    14 thoughts on “Chris Paul’s Morning Minute: Stacey Dash Supports Romney

    1. I agree with you Eric an educated voter is key. Anybody of color that thinks Romney care about “your poor” will find out. The president has the power to employ over a 1000 people during his administration and you can bet in that powerful position white folks going to get richer and we will see a class divide. Obama has killed Osama and ended the war in Iraq if not one job is gained let the brother do what he can but it takes almost 8 years to accomplish anything in this racist country and Barack Obama hasn’t had time to turn around the economy and fix 8 year of Bush garbage before he can get his agenda in place. Think again Stacey I think your choice may cost you fans should have kept that to yourself! OBAMA 2012

    2. I think Stacey Dash is very beautiful but has proven she obviously hasn’t been paying attention to where Romney and Ryan stand. If she really did her homework on these 2 clowns she would soon discover that they’re not on her side even if she is rich. This is exactly why we need educated voters out there! I’m sorry Stacey but quoting Dr. King made your choice even more shameful!

      Eric R. McCarroll

    3. some women like dating kids and stacey hasn,t not been on tv in awhile so maybe romney offered her a maid,s job in the white house if elected but sorry stacey you won,t get the job because obama will win again

    4. It is quite obvious that she does not understand any issues in this case or the teapublican ideology as it relates to women issues. I not even mentioning any racial issues because she will be stupid and ignorant no matter what race she proclaims to be. She needs ATTENTION!

    5. If she is really concerned with the future and women’s rights, she should definitely reconsider her endorsement. What people fail to realize is that the president not only leads the country, he appoints supreme court justices, the attorneys general, and should to work for the betterment of the entire country – not a select few!

    6. undercover and two faced. It is supposed to be a SECRET ballot, but if she wants the world to know who she is supporting then expect to get backlash.
      Every eligible voter has the right to SECRETLY choose, but when you publicly endorse a candidate then you should expect to be criticized by someone. If you can’t take the criticism then do go public.

    7. What it boils down to is this–for a long time, whites kept us from voting. With some of the voter supression laws, whites are still trying to keep us from voting. From the passing of the 15th amendment to around 1970, we probably didn’t vote out of circumstance. If you don’t vote in November, you make the CHOICE not to vote.

    8. And you shouldn’t have to explain your decision to anyone. You are voting for the one you feel will help the country recover the best. I feel that when we vote, we go as intelligent voters, not because of a person’s race. Once that is done, be happy of your decision.

    9. Vicotria29, What race have been the voters who didn’t permit blacks to vote? Didn’t they vote within their race since fhe first election in this country? Crabs in a barrel is “pulling” down so that you can get up… Well calling people Knucklheads is a little more crab like behavior than expressing independent thought. No one knows who votes for whom behind the voting curtain… So why would you need to explain your vote to anyone. Who is going to interview you after you leave the polls? If you are that bothered by your choice at the polls then maybe your conscience is telling you that you intend to make the wrong choice. Why are you so emotional and defensive about Stacey and your choice.

    10. Ignorance, including reverse racism is unacceptable! I support Stacey Dash in her decision. As for the crab-in-the-barrel mentality knuckleheads who think people should vote within their race, you those forget that people have died so that we can have this very right and freedom! It’s unfair, bias and stupid to vote for someone because he’s black! She, like myself will vote for whomever I damn well please and will NOT explain my decision to no one!

    11. I look at it this way–if she wants to vote for Mitt Romney, it is her right to do so. I am happy she will be going to the polls to vote for anyone. I’m not mad at her. Her man may lose, but I’m not mad at her for making the choice.

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