Chris Paul hammers down on the New York Jets, Jennifer Lopez's beau, and Stacey Dash for her support of Mitt Romney. Well, take a listen and read below to find out Paul's opinion of Dash after she came out to back Mitt Romney.

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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.  

On Monday Night Football the Houston Texans whooped on the New York Jets 23 to 17.  The Jets just keep losing, and I know why.  Their head coach Rex Ryan has lost too much weight.  When Rex Ryan was big, the Jets played big, so all you Jets fans need to send him some Krispy Kremes and some gift certificates to Golden Corral because until Rex Ryan decides to eat you Jets fans will taste defeat.

Jennifer Lopez has fallen madly in love with a 25 year old.  And her friends say she’s extremely happy.  Now Jennifer’s 43, which makes her new man 18 years younger than her.  But JLo still looks great and she still looks sexy.  And I know the first time she took her young panty pupil to bed he looked her in the eye and said to her what all younger dudes say when they first sleep with an older woman, “uh, baby, what the hell are Spanks?”

Actress Stacey Dash has announced that in the upcoming election she supports Mitt Romney.  Now upon hearing this news I got together with fellow Obama supporters, Tom Joyner, J. Anthony Brown, Huggy Lowdown, David Williams and Roland Martin.  And we decided that her fine ass could still get it.

I’m Chris Paul and this was the Morning Minute.

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