Ear Itching Problem Identified as Mite Infestation

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He said that in one particular case, a woman panicked when she found out a cockroach was in her ear before a removal procedure.

"She was really freaked out," Nelson said. "Now, I just say, I think I see the problem, I'm going to put some stuff in your ear," and tell them about it after the cockroach is out.”

Dr. Nelson reported that some patients, however, surprisingly remain calm during the diagnosis. One of his patients admitted that he’s had a cockroach in his ear before.

"Patients with cockroaches in their ear always show up at 2 a.m. — they wake up with sudden onset of ear pain," he said. He mentioned that most of the late night cases involved bugs crawling in their ears while sleeping.

Treatments for the condition involve irrigating the ear with oil and alcohol. Occasionally doctors will use an anesthetic as well as tiny forceps to remove a critter.

"It's very important to pull out the whole thing," Storper said. "If you leave legs, you can get a bacterial infection. They're dirty, they've been crawling everywhere," he said.

The Taiwanese man was given eardrops containing antifungal and antibacterial agents as well as anti-inflammatory medicine. Doctors reported that his symptoms went away two days later.

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