Rapper T.I. Saves Rock Star’s Life

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In an interview with VH1'S Big Morning Show, the Creed front man talks about his new book "Sinner's Creed" and how T.I. saved him during one of his lowest points.

In Miami's Delano Hotel a few years ago, Stapp spent three days binging on alcohol and drugs, which caused serious hallucinations. The rock star started to hear voices, thinking they were that of police officers, and tried to escape. Stapp fell 40 feet from his balcony, leaving him paralyzed on the ground with a fractured skull and broken hip and nose.

T.I. discovered Stapp and served as a "guardian angel," as Stapp calls him.

"As I'm laying on the ledge … blood fell to his feet and he looked up and he had an Alabama hat on," Stapp says. "I said, 'Roll tide,' and then he looked at me and put two and two together and really … he saved my life."

In 2010, he stopped a man in Atlanta from jumping out of a 22-foot building.

Watch video below.

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