Know the Facts: A Recap of the Debate

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    25 thoughts on “Know the Facts: A Recap of the Debate

    1. The Republican party is Custer’s Last Stand for whats left of the good old racist white people. And Black republicans are a shinning example of what happens to a people who have lost their history. Its funny that most racist people are republican why?

    2. If it’s true that Master Mitt gave all his loot to charity,why would he need to stash his cash in banks on the Cayman Islands?.If he adores his country so much why send his loot to other countries? why?.And how much cash did he stash there?

    3. grey1,I have no reason lie like Mr Mitt.I did hear and see him on an interview before the debate announcing that he would increase the troops about 100,000.The fact that he was a Mormon missionary and a unpaid president of his church leads one to think that he was emershed in his religion,which stated blacks were cursed.Oops.I forgot.They flipped and said God made a mistake. Who cares that he never got paid.The plantation owner has been sitting on millions for years.As AfricanAmericans we have a total of two centuries of unpaid labor under our belt.And those Republican red necks still think of us as shiftless and lazy..Mr Mitt is still a top ten liar along with being an artificial red neck..

    4. So many haters of the truth. Democrats run almost all poor black areas and have run those areas for 20 years or more. So if they still have high unemployment and high crime rate then maybe the people in those areas should start looking into some real change and not the same ‘ole, same ‘ole. Maybe it’s time to stop voting in the same people over and over.

    5. You mean the Bain Capital that my rather slow “high speed” computer and Wikipedia gave me a few answers: Clear Channel, Domino’s Pizza, Burger King, Sealy Corporation, Dunkin’ Donuts, Gymboree, Toys R Us, RJR Nabisco, Michael’s Craft Store, Burlington Coat Factory and Staples were among the companies supported or shored up by Bain: Familiar names to all of us who shop. Many more Bain companies were preserved (and/or strengthened) without taxpayer dollars.
      It was inspiring to realize that a couple of young Harvard guys started this company as recently as 1984. Success, without using taxpayer dollars? Is it really possible? He released his tax returns, How Obama releasing all of his college records. 1. Occidental College records-sealed. 2. Columbia College records-sealed. 3. Columbia Thesis paper-sealed. 4. Harvard College records-sealed. There are more sealed records from the so transparent President.

    6. If people actually did their homework then they wouldn’t have voted for Obama in the first place. They would know that all of his mentors were pushing socialist, marxist, communist Ideologies. Is that what black america really wants?

    7. If more people would do their homework instead of just voting for someone because of their skin color or who radio hosts try to push on them. I mean they make lots of money off all of this and they really aren’t helping anyone but themselves. Sort of like Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson.

    8. The President has nothing to run on. Gov. Romney knows how to get America back to work and not with temporary jobs but with real jobs. The Presidents policies doesn’t work. You don’t get jobs and more revenue with trickle down government. The government spends to much.

    9. He did not claim to increase troops by 100,000. That is false. He stated that he would not cut defense that he believed that we have always had a strong defense and that he would not cut defense like the President is going too. Which as it stands now the Presidents automatic defense cuts could cost a loss of 1.1 million jobs.

    10. Mitt Romney gave his entire inheritance to charity, volunteered for his father’s gubernatorial campaign for 1 year, unpaid intern in Governor’s office 8 years, he was a Mormon missionary in Paris for 2 years, unpaid president of his church for 10 years, took no pay as president of Salt Lake Olympics for 3 years, took no salary as Mass. Governor for 4 years. That’s a total 28 years of unpaid service to his country, his community and his church. That’s the kind of man Mitt Romney is.

    11. Clearly Gov. Romney showed real leadership, and showed the difference in someone who knows business and how to really create jobs and someone who just knows how to organize, tax and spend. If one looks at some of the poorest areas in the U.S. many have voted Democrat and have had the same people in office many for upwards of 20 years. If one looks even closer some of those same areas have been run by Democrats for upwards of 100 years. The definition of Insanity comes to mind. Doing the same things expecting different results. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Please consider voting different this year.

    12. Romney did not offer the American people anything any different than what he has already said if anything he reassured us that he has no concern for the Middle Class and the hell with the poor americans and senior citizens as far as the Government is concerned. If your State don’t do it far you then too bad. Don’t let his great debate performance fool you. We know what our President has done despite the Republican blocking everything he attempted to work with them on, we can trust Obama to care about working America. He has saved us once when he took Office and he will continue to do what’s in his power to do!!!

    13. Do not count the President out. If you argue with fool, eventually it is hard to tell which person is the fool. The pieces are in place, let the game begin.

    14. I disagree that the President was playing a “Chess Game” with Romney , President Obama wanted to win and put away Romney for a KO. Instead he let him recuperate , and Romney won by a unanimous decision. The Polls today after the debate shows Romney ahead by 2% , and catching up in Ohio bad news for Obama

    15. Words that President Obama didn’t use clearly defined his poor performance last night words such as: 1) Baine Capital 2) Cayman Island Bank account; 3) Massachusetts #45 economical ranking under Romney. 4) 47% 5) Romney’s Tax Returns.

    16. Hey cool your jets this a rope a dope at its best by letting Romney talk and take so what control he put his foot in his mouth over and over again, when the time comes 2wks he will have to answer on stage for his flip flopping and changing his plan to sound like pres/Obama just wait till the other shoe drops on the 16th…….NO NEED TO WORRY,,,

    17. I agree with one the Flyjock’s Text Club members, when they said that the First Lady wore out MY President, because it was their 20th wedding anniversary and the “Big Chief” wasn’t fully recovered from his wife’s “Love tactics”.

    18. I really would hope that if your parents voted for the President in 08, and are thinking about voting for Romney now based on last night…..then they are very easily swayed. Please, it is very important to do your homework about this guy. They lie every chance they can, and don’t care! It’s amazing really. That they would think that the American people would not understand what they are saying is a slap in our faces.
      Obama could have done better, but its not over.

    19. Wow, are they voting on the issues, which are the most important, or are they voiting on a debate performance. How quickly forgotten the progress that this president has made even when someone has been sitting on his chest and trying their best to keep him down. Two more debates to go, wonder if they can be patient to see what happens next. Still….I can’t see myself voting Republican when I read what they plan to bring to the table.

    20. I went to be pissed and the President….but on the drive to work I was listening to a morning show and a comedian put it all together. President Obama plays Chess not checkers and last night he let Romney make some moves that he now has to stick with and pretty much makes him look like the flip-flopper that he is….yes I would have loved for the President to have put him in his place but what he did was look presidental and stating his case in a respectful manner while talking to America. So Romney may have come off as the stronger debater or the so called winner at the end of the day the President is just setting him up!!!

    21. Our President flat out… got busted up last night.

      My Parents who have voted straight Democatic since getting their citizenship are going to vote for romney after watching that debacle last night. I really felt bad for our President especially when he begged the moderator to change the subject because he was getting destroyed by romney.

    22. Look just face it. What most of you people on the left believe about Conservatives and or Republicans are absolutely false! When someone like Mitt Romney articulates corservatism people on the left cannot keep up! That is what we saw at the debates!!

    23. Poor Performance by Our President .
      President Obama must Bring His A game next time or he will loose .
      Why the heck did he allow Romney to go un challenged? President Obama has a lot of dirt and big gaping holes in Romney’s misguided policies.
      The President must prepare himself better or he will be an ex- President.

    24. Slick Mitt also told us he would increase the military budget,already the largest on the planet.He said earlier he wanted to increase the troops by 100,000.Why? He also said,he did not want to borrow any more money from China.If we’re so broke how do we pay for 100,000 additional troops? Obama roped a dope,and Mitt thinks he won the debate..

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