Study Finds Black Youths Are Exposed to More Alcohol Advertising

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  • A new report released Thursday by the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that African-American youth are exposed to more alcohol advertisement.

    According to the study, black youth ages from the ages of 12-20 are seeing more advertisements for alcohol in magazines and on TV compared with all youth ages 12-20.

    It found that young blacks saw 32 percent more alcochol ads in magazines and 17 percent more on TV compared to all youth.

    Dr. Jernigan of John Hopkins, who was a researcher for this study, joined Roland Martin this morning on the Tom Joyner Morning.

    He pointed out that popular publications like Essence, Vibe, Black Enterprise, and other popular black outlets are filled with alcohol advertisements.

    However, he did point out that black youth consumes the least amount alcohol compared to other races.

    Although Jernigan wants to make sure that people recognize that the advertisements are still a "risk factor" for black youth and they are still being over-exposed.

    Read the full report HERE.

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    One thought on “Study Finds Black Youths Are Exposed to More Alcohol Advertising

    1. And how much $ did they spend on this when they could have taken a 30 ride in the hood to see that their are more Alcohol stores in these then anywhere else so the numbers are still off,,, the children pass by them going and coming from school.,,,not to say that amount of black man sleeping it off in the streets,,,or trying to get a quarter for the next one…

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