VIDEO: DMX’s Google Search Followed by Complete Bewilderment

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  • Is it just us or is DMX kind of behind the times? The rapper and now church deacon exposed that he is just learning how to Google himself.

    He was a guest at Power 105 this week, and the whole thing was video recorded. Can you say hilarious?! This man, who was in jail for quite some time, admitted he’s not a big fan of technology.

    “Computer words are funny,” he says. “Like ‘Google‘…funny words, get a regular word, what the f— is a Google? Who came up with that? Google. That doesn’t even make sense! I don’t have patience for s— like that. ”

    And he’s never learned how to use a search engine.

    So, the crew did a little experiment and showed him how to do it.

    Watch the "experiment" below.

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