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  • I’m just a DJ, but I’m warning you that I’m about to preach to my church-going Christians: the ones who are considering NOT going to the polls on election day and to those of you who may have some influence on them. If you weren’t ever planning on voting or if you’ve never supported the President, I’m not talking to you. I’m appealing to those of you campaigned for him, and prayed for him and voted for him four years ago.

    The President stood before the nation in Chicago the night of the election and told us it would take more than four years for him to accomplish his goals. So, if we believed then, that he was a man who can lead the country, what’s changed?

    Okay, he said that he believes that gay Americans should have the same rights as all Americans and that women should be able to decide whether they will terminate unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. He didn’t say that YOU should support gay Americans or abortions. Our choices are so simple. If you are against gay marriage, don’t marry a gay person, don’t attend a gay wedding, and, tell your family and friends your feelings. Maybe you can persuade them not to be tolerant of those who don’t think like you.  If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t ever get one. And have no sympathy or empathy for those who have made that decision due to rape or incest or whatever reason they have for making this deeply personal decision.

    I thought that God gave us free will make to decisions, and if they turn out to be wrong, that God will deal with us. I thought we were supposed to leave judgment up to Him. We like to tout “One Nation Under God,” and “Land of the Free.”  But we often don’t display the qualities God would want us to have. Nor are we recognizing that freedoms include things we don’t necessarily agree with all the time.

    But I’m not here to give a civics lesson. I’m just here to try to send a message.

    You don’t have to agree with everything on the Democratic Party platform. I’m not sure that even the president does. He’s trying to represent the millions of people who support him. They represent your concerns, their concerns and mine and they aren’t all the same. What if the Big Chief decided to turn his back on health care, just because some Democrats have great benefit packages on their job? What if he ignored education because many of his supporters can afford to send their children to the best schools? What if he didn’t try to create new jobs because all his friends are employed? That isn’t what he does. That isn’t what any successful presidential candidate does.

    We laughed at Mitt Romney for his gaffe about not caring about 47 percent of Americans. We called that political suicide because Romney offended people who weren’t even likely to vote for him.

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    57 thoughts on “Church!

    1. Wow! It would appear that congress/political arena is trying any and everything not to allow people the right to vote. I feel bad for you and your situation and I pray that it works out for you. Maybe you can become an advocate and get others to join you because that is worth fighting for in my opinion.

    2. >”Obama does not personally believe in abortion or homosexual marriage.”

      Huh? You haven’t been paying attention to the democrats and Obama on TV saying he personally believes in homosexual marriage.

      And “wearing hot pink pants” are not quite the same as killing half-a-million black babies every year.


    3. >>”Obama’s political position does not force Christians to accept or conduct gay marriages.”

      But it does. Obama’s Justice Department refusing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act does just that.

      And so does the Democrat Party and it’s platform. Don’t be fooled.

    4. >>”the white mans destruction of our economy”

      Blame Obama’s white mother then, and vote him out!

      Black unemployment is at a 25 year high and going higher every month under this president.

      Pick whatever race half you want and vote it out – enough is enough!

    5. The preachers I know preach against abortion and homosexual marriage.

      Black unemployment is at at 26 year high and 47% of black men are unemployed. That’s gone up under Obama, it went up again last month when it dropped for others. They haven’t done a darn thing for the black economny, black community, the black family or the black church.

      This isn’t the way of more jobs and it sure isn’t the way of God.

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