Deion Sanders Claims Child Support is Too High

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  • Deion Sanders is pleading with a Texas judge to lower child support payments to his ex-wife Pilar.

    Sanders filed documents challenging the $10,000 per month child support orders established in early May. He claims that according to Texas law, he is paying six times more than what is required.

    Pilar, however, is sticking to her guns claiming the former football standout is worth over $250 million.  She even laid out the reasons for the high monthly payments in the original child support order, which includes:

    – $2,000/month for the kids' specialized diet

    – $900/month on school uniforms and athletic gear for their sports activities

    – $500/ month on the children’s cell phone bill

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    4 thoughts on “Deion Sanders Claims Child Support is Too High

    1. Wow, come on Pilar. Now I understand you are very upset over the split and Deion has agreed to take care of his children….but these prices are off the chain. Why do these kids need cell phones. And where is she going to get their hair cuts and her daughter’s hair done? Now I know she can get all this done at at much lower cost. It sounds like she is trying to make sure that a job for her is not in the picture. I can’t wait to see what the judge rules on this one! $500 for cell phones….really and $450 for haircuts, I’m in the wrong profession! What kind of cellphones do they have? OMG!!! Someone need to bring Pilar back down to earth and get her a reality check.

    2. Ok, yes he should definitely be paying child support; but DAMN, REALLY!!!!! She know damn well that mess is so not true. $2,000 on a “special diet” hell those kids are eating whatever, whenever and it’s not health food all the time. But what’s really killing m is $500 damn dollars for the kids cell phone!!!!! That’s just plan crazy and irresponsible and she need to get them under control. See it’s parents like that who are not teaching the value of a dollar, how to get your own career rather than being a “trust fund baby!”

    3. wow Im not saying a brother aint suppose to take care of his kids but wow,,these prices here a month is off the chain even if he can afford it doesnt make it right

    4. I find it hard to believe these costs in a low cost of living state such as Texas.

      And $500 for cell phone bills?

      $450 for haircuts?

      I’m all for a father for supporting his children. doesn’t Pilar have Buisness interests? A reality Show?

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