Thursday Morning Mom: Christine Ann Thomas

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  • Dear Tom,

    First let me tell you how blessed I am to be part of such a wonderful family. I am the proud daughter-in-law of Christine Ann Thomas. I am married to her son Leonard and he has two sisters: Crystal and Yolanda.

    We call her “Ann” and she’s an old school grandma – she still bakes from scratch, makes homemade candy, and the best cornbread dressing you will ever taste.

    Ann has helped raise all 8 of her grandchildren. She gets her day going by driving 4 of her grandkids to school and takes care of my 19-month old son while I’m at work.  Afterschool, she runs around taking them to piano lessons, football practice and on Sundays…church.

    She’s a great woman been married to her man Joe for 39 years and on December 8th, they will be celebrating their 40th Aniversary. My mother-in-law dedicates so much time to her family that she hardly has any time to herself since we are always crashing in on them.

    I think an early anniversary for her would be a vacation getaway somewhere where we can’t find her.




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