Police: Wife Stages Shooting To Avoid Deployment

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  • BOSSIER CITY, La. (AP) — Bossier City police say a woman trying to avoid an Air Force deployment had her husband shoot her before lying to investigators that an intruder was to blame.

    Police say 25-year-old Judy Groomes was treated for wounds on both of her legs from one round from a handgun fired by her husband, 26-year-old Christopher Tyquan Groomes. Both are active military based at nearby Barksdale Air Force Base.

    Groomes allegedly claimed an intruder shot her early Friday while her husband and two children slept. But police say she convinced her husband to shoot her to avoid military service.

    Christopher Groomes was arrested on a gun charge. Judy Groomes faces a criminal mischief charge for allegedly filing a false police report.

    It was not immediately known if either had an attorney.


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    6 thoughts on “Police: Wife Stages Shooting To Avoid Deployment

    1. Not that I wish harm to any of our soldiers, and I do feel where some are coming from with the Afghans killing our soldiers, but if something bad were to happen to her, at least she would have her husband to take care of their two children. Now, neither one of them might not be around.

    2. Since we have a so-called war going on and the very people we are trying help are on that base killing us amercians I dont blame them…..I would not want to go help a group of people who smile in your face ask for help and then at nite set off bombs to kill you and them………………………..

    3. In addition to civil charges they face, they both will face a possible court martial from the Air Force, and instead of being deployed overseas, they’ll both be deployed to Ft. Leavenworth, KS.

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