Dr. Robin Smith Talks Emotional Eating

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    We all know about finding comfort in food when we have the blues, a down day, or a need to protect ourselves from bigger hurts.

    But when the struggle is with food or relationships or money, the real culprit may be that we haven’t addressed our emotional hunger, according to psychologist Dr. Robin Smith.

    “Worrying is like cancer—it’s something that eats away at optimism,” Smith told Oprah.com. “And it becomes this whole world of pessimism and clouds that are just hanging and looming.”

    Many people find themselves in financial debt, for example, or struggling with overeating because they believe things or food will satisfy their hunger for approval.

    Smith, a noted TV personality and author of “Lies At The Altar – The Truth About Great Marriages” and “Inspirational Vitamins, A Guide To Personal Empowerment,” has said in numerous interviews and articles and her books, that the key is to learn how to recognize the triggers that spark unhealthy behaviors.

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