Bobby Brown Gets BET Reality Show

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  • Are we ready for another “unscripted” demonstration of Bobby Brown's life?

    Apparently BET is willing to take that risk. A new project starring the New Edition singer and ex-husband of Whitney Houston is currently in the works. Sources say the new series will revolve around Brown’s “life and businesses.”

    The project will be executive produced by James DuBose, who has developed several other celebrity-based reality shows for BET, including the high-profile series centered on Philadelphia Eagles star Michael Vick, who staged a comeback after being imprisoned for his involvement in a dog-fighting ring.

    No other specifics on the Brown project, including the title, air dates or the number of episodes, were available.

    The singer had his first performance after leaving rehab at this year's Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion.


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    4 thoughts on “Bobby Brown Gets BET Reality Show

    1. wow thats how low BET has fallen when are people going to get it and stop letting these tv companies stop pimping them? everyone knows bobby brown is an asshole know your going to give him a forum to show how really stupid he is ? come on people there are more issues in life that needs our attention more than this clown.

    2. Hey the brother is working give him some props if they are paying he may as well take the money,,TV is so bad right now with nothing buy really white shows take 2 broke girls on CBS,,,, we need more black people on TV if we can watch that shit then Bobby Brown has a right to get paid,,,and at least he is not in jail….GO GET YOUR $ Bobby,,,

    3. OMG i’m so realtiy tv burnt out, such crazy Mess, please stop the maddness. folks get out and enjoy life instead of wasting time in front of the stoopid box watching crap like this.

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