Serotonin Secrets: Foods That Make You Happy

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  • Serotonin is a powerful agent that has been linked to helping people feel better. Fluctuating serotonin levels can have harmful effects on an individual’s mood, sleep patterns, and their ability to deal with stress.

    Experts say that serotonin deficiencies can be resolved through a good, healthy diet.

    Here are several ways you can improve your serotonin intake:


    Carbohydrates have carried a bad rap in terms of weight gain. However, many people fail to see the great benefit of consuming carbs. When people consume carbohydrates they achieve a full and satisfying feeling that cannot be experienced when hungry. When full, the serotonin found in carbohydrates helps refresh the brain and makes a person feel happier.

    Carbs can be found in dairy products, bread, pasta, or sugary snacks.

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