Obama’s Convention Evolution Complete

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  • CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — President Barack Obama's convention evolution is complete.

    Eight years ago, Obama rocketed into the political spotlight with a soaring convention keynote address. Four years later, he accepted the Democratic Party's nomination and became their standard bearer.

    On Thursday, Obama took the convention stage fighting for his job.

    "I recognize that times have changed since I first spoke to this convention," Obama said. "The times have changed, and so have I."

    "I'm no longer just a candidate. I'm the president," he said, drawing cheers from the crowd of 15,000.

    Obama urged voters to stay patient even though his economic policies have failed to fully fix the American economy. Once the candidate of hope, Obama's message was hang in there.

    "America, I never said this journey would be easy, and I won't promise that now," he said, "Yes, our path is harder – but it leads to a better place. Yes our road is longer, but we travel it together."

    In 2008, Obama ran for office on a platform of lofty ideas, many of which have gone unfulfilled during his years in the White House. This time around, Obama acknowledged that the campaign sometimes seems small, even silly.

    "Trivial things become big distractions. Serious issues become sound bites," he said. "And the truth gets buried under an avalanche of money and advertising."

    Gone was the newness of his two prior convention appearances. And Obama, the graying incumbent, didn't try to recreate it.

    Instead, he whittled the election down to a choice, spelling out his vision of how to create economic opportunity for all, and warning that Romney would restore trickle-down ideas that Obama says were quietly gutting the economy for years before crashing it completely.

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    8 thoughts on “Obama’s Convention Evolution Complete

    1. By the way…. did anybody catch the jobs report this morning…. PATHETIC!!! Truly another horrible jobs report for Latinos, Blacks and whites! We are going the wrong direction

    2. After sleeping on the speech and giving it some more thought….. the more I believe our President has phoned it in. There was ZERO ideas on how he believes he can turn this worsening economy around!

    3. After watching the depressing, empty speech tonight….. I can understand why they moved into a much smaller venue.
      He did not sell us Independents on why he deserves a second term and to be truthful… I am really wondering if he wants a second term after the performance he gave tonight.

    4. Well said previous comment. The problem with most Blacks are they are afraid of REAL CHANGE. These Black leaders you talk about on the radio shows and at Black Churches, are using Scare Tactics and Racial Rhetoric to keep the focus off of Obama’s Failed policies. They,like Obama are blaming everyone else, even blaming Blacks for being LAZY, and telling Blacks to”Get Off The Couch” and do something for yourselves. That kind of tone coming from a White President would have the media in a frenzy, and Black leaders running rampant with Marches and calls for Impeachment. This is so sad for a group of people that are suffering worst under this so-called first Black POTUS, than under any other POTUS. Maybe you can say that Blacks deserve this treatment if they are too blind to see what is going on. But not All Blacks are falling for this abuse and neglect from Obama. Many of the silent one’s will rise on election day and Vote for REAL CHANGE, Not Broken Failed Promises. Wake Up Black folks. Don’t be afraid of REAL CHNAGE. Stop listening to the Rich Black Leaders and radio host. They have Big houses and lots of money. Look at AL Sharpton for example. Trying to Save Obama, Sharpton has lost his focus for the LOVE OF MONEY. SELLOUT. Blacks are suffering, they don’t care for you If they did they would be out Challenging Obama. Make your Vote COUNT FOR YOU this time…. Forget Obama… He Sure Forgot About YOU.

    5. I watch the DNC for three nights and I came away with “I voted for Senator Obama in 2008 with no regrets and I WILL BE VOTING FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA 2012…….

    6. @RiValStrong

      When you are spawn from hate, you will never see any good in the very thing that fuels your hate and what you despise the most!

    7. As an African American man I find it hard to believe how naive my people are. Let us look at the facts 15% unemployment among our people, 50% unemployment among our teenagers, highest foreclosure rate, highest incarceration rate, lowest net worth ($5,000).our college graduates cannot find jobs, $16trillion deficit, and 47 million on food stamps. Gas at $4 a gallon, inner city schools a shambles both structurally an academically and we want to vote this guy back in for another four years, please!!had this been a republican white president al sharpton and crew would be marching all around the white house demanding change, but instead they sit by subservient and dutiful and choose to ignore the facts just because obama is black, how sad. We are very much worse off than we were 4 yrs ago, it’s just baw, ebony, jet and all the other black pundits and black politicians won’t admit the obvious. they are better off because they are part of the problem, but for the other 98% of black people we are in dire sraits.every other ethicnicity in this country as a whole are doing better than us, but yet we still accept the excuses, rhetoric by politicians and radio host who are past their prime. The path that we are on will only lead us to more government dependence and encourage our people’s laziness and the obvious answer? We need a change in Washington and obama should be the first to go. at least the republicans have new ideas, new and younger people while we stand by and watch the train of progress pass us by all because we are afraid to take a chance, god help us.

    8. President Obama’s speech last night was far from “depressing” or “empty”. As a matter of fact, it was inspiring, substantive, stimulating, and strong. Perhaps, you fell asleep and had a bad dream about last week’s RNC. It happens…

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