Women Spend Thousands to Improve Vaginas

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  • More women are willing to undergo the knife to improve their sex lives.

    A new corrective gynecological surgery claims to help women improve the look of their vaginas.

    Through a process called vaginoplasty doctors can tighten vaginal skin by cutting back the inner and outer lips of the labia and occasionally opening the clitoral hood.

    Melanie Berliet, a New York writer posed as a potential vaginoplasty patient at a local medical center where she learned just how doctors are selling the procedure.

    “She essentially told me my boyfriend would propose to me after the surgery was done,” said Berliet. “If women are at all insecure and go for a consultation, it makes you feel more vulnerable and insecure. The vagina on the charts looked like a porn star.”

    Ironically, many experts are blaming the Internet porn industry for the surgery’s growing popularity.

    Dr. Cheryl B. Iglesia, a reconstructive pelvic surgeon and director of the female program at the National Center for Advanced Pelvic Surgery in Washington D.C. believes that porn, Brazilian waxing and other hair removal process are creating unrealistic views of what is considered a “normal” look.

    “Everyone sees ‘Sex in the City’ and are getting their pubic hair removed and looking down there,” Iglesia said. “They are watching Internet porn and looking at Playboy and Penthouse with a lot of touched up and airbrushed pictures…They feel like they are abnormal.”

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