Chocolate Lowers Health Risks in Men

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Reports show that Swedish chocolate contains more cocoa solids than North American chocolate products.

Study results found that apples and pears also have antioxidant benefits. The fruits accounted for 6.1 percent of the antioxidants found in the study participants’ diets. Oranges provided 6.2 percent of antioxidants.

Although the findings are exciting for men with a sweet-tooth, scientists stress that chocolate shouldn’t replace healthy eating and exercise.

“It should be consumed in moderation,” researchers said.

“I don’t think the message should be run out and eat chocolate to prevent stroke,” said Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, a cardiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. “You are better off controlling other known stroke risk factors than eating chocolate.”

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One thought on “Chocolate Lowers Health Risks in Men

  1. Men shouldn’t consume a lot of chocolate….especially black men….its can be good, but sugar diabetes and the obesity caused by chocolate & sugary products shouldn’t be promoted at all….It can also give you a false sense of happiness according to some….

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